Massachusetts Port Authority Abandoned Vehicle Auctions

Abandoned cars and trucks from the Massachusetts Port Authority are available for purchase at JJ Kane auctions throughout the year. These items are typically sold to clear out parking space from vehicles abandoned on Massport property. Vehicles are sold “AS IS” and without titles. Purchasers will receive a Bill of Sale which cites the statute allowing the sale and provides that the Massachusetts Port Authority warrants title to the Buyer only against liens, encumbrances and claims arising by or through the Massachusetts Port Authority, and not otherwise. Massachusetts residents may obtain a title at the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. Residents of other states must check with their state department of motor vehicles regarding the ability to obtain a vehicle title in their state. JJ Kane Auctions and the Massachusetts Port Authority make no representations or assurances that non-Massachusetts residents will be able to obtain a vehicle title.

There are no minimums or reserves at our public auctions. The selling price is determined solely by the bidders participating in the auction.

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JJ Kane sells a wide variety of inventory including cars, trucks, equipment, tools, and accessories from area governments, contractors, and other utility fleets replacing some well-maintained items.

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Members or employees of the Massachusetts Port Authority, their immediate family members, and agents are prohibited from bidding on any abandoned or surplus equipment, vehicles, or other goods sold on behalf of the Massachusetts Port Authority.