Above all, we strive to hold fair, honest auctions, providing a level playing field for the bidders. We always honor our commitments and are driven to truly serve our customers. Here, you will find a small sample of feedback we receive from both buyers and sellers. If you are considering selling, please view the “selling information” and see what sellers say about JJ Kane Auctions. If you have been to our auctions in search of a deal, we thank you for taking the time to participate and hope to see you again soon. If you are a prospective bidder, please review our information on buying, download our “Live Auction Buyers Guide” & view our “Video Buyer’s Guides” for helpful tips.


“Everything went smoothly!”
– Rodney, Georgia
“They have good Stuff!”
– Triple L Landscaping, North Carolina
“Find a deal that works with your budget.”
– Frank, North Carolina
“I’ve been coming here since 1992.”
– Scott, Michigan

“I’ve bought trenchers, diggers and other items and always got a good deal, and a good, quality product.”

– Tommy, North Carolina

“Today, I bought some trimmers, a bucket truck and a yard cart, so now I’m riding around, instead of walking!”

– Bill, South Carolina

“Kane always describes things honestly. That’s the biggest thing for me.”

– Bob, Pennsylvania


“The return was phenomenal!”
– Bobby, Louisiana
“Super Easy!”
– Randy, North Carolina

B&B Electric

“With a combination of conventional (published) and web-based advertising, JJ Kane has successfully led my company to receive unmatched returns for our surplus equipment. The efforts of your staff have continuously allowed an extremely smooth and convenient process from appraisal, to sale and payout. JJ Kane continues to exceed our expectations on all levels.”

– Brian, President

City of Burlington, WI

“JJ Kane did a great job advertising and selling our equipment. JJ Kane greatly exceeded our expectations on the equipment value. You were able to handle the transportation of our equipment to the auction sight. Upon arrival, you detailed and readied the trucks for the auction. You did a great job finding the right buyers for our equipment on the day of the auction.”

– Chris, Department of Public Works

Comcast – West Palm Beach, FL

“The staff of J.J. Kane are very professional and quite a pleasure to work with. They make my job easy and within a few days of auctions I have a check in-hand, with minimal effort.”

– Karen, Facilities Manager