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South Beloit Auction – Buy Online or In Person

During J.J. Kane’s South Beloit, Illinois auction (Chicago, IL area), the public gets a chance to buy direct from fleet owners, at the auction! These auctions offer some good used cars, trucks, SUVs, construction equipment, tools and more. Many of the sellers are local, regional and national fleets including your governments, utility companies, contractors, rental companies and lending institutions.

J.J. Kane auctions have no minimums, no reserves, and because they are absolute auctions, only the bidders participating in the auction set the prices – no one else can influence the price. That’s how you get a chance to find a deal. We deliver an auction in the truest sense of the concept. We conduct South Beloit auctions several times each year and we add equipment to our auctions every day. Sign up for notifications so we can help you find the items you need to buy.

  • Sale Site Phone: (815) 389-7864
  • Sale Site Fax: (815) 389-7865
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