Government Auctions

JJ Kane is committed to assisting in the acquisition and procurement goals of each government entity we serve. Through contract procurement options, each government customer is able to maximize their budgetary dollar, optimize their purchasing power and minimize the impact that open solicitation sometimes creates.

JJ Kane’s turnkey approach provides customized solutions for municipal entities. Our nationwide sales and operations teams will handle all aspects of the sale from start to finish. We can customize your sale by coordinating transportation, taking photos and video, fielding phone calls from potential buyers, decommissioning, and inspecting items for auction. Our dedicated team of professionals will see the entire transaction carried out through delivery of payment.

Cooperative Contracts

JJ Kane has made the commitment by participating in several cooperative contracts. We aim to provide procurement options to our municipal and local government customers to ensure the following value added advantages:

  • Satisfies the Request for Proposal (RFP) and facilitates the bidding process, resulting in cost savings
  • Leverages a nationwide footprint and customer base to provide competitive pricing, including bulk purchasing benefits exclusive to JJ Kane

Contract #708-23