Deposits and Payments

How To Pay For Your Purchases

Payment Methods

Deposits and Payments - Paying For Your Purchases J.J. Kane accepts traveler’s checks, money orders, wire transfers, bank certified checks, company and personal checks when accompanied with a valid form of identification and all major credit cards up to $10,000 per customer per sale with no service fee. If you are an international buyer, a full payment wire transfer directly from your bank to J.J. Kane Auctioneers bank account will be required. No international checks will be accepted. Verify your method of payment by reviewing the “terms and conditions” of the specific auction you plan to attend. Payment methods and conditions vary because of State and Local regulations. Download our Buyer’s Guide for tips and answers to frequently asked questions!
To help us identify your payment, please include your invoice number with all payments.

JJ Kane Auctioneers
1000 S Lenola Road, Building 1, Suite 203
Maple Shade, NJ 08052

JJ Kane Auctioneers
1000 S Lenola Road, Building 1, Suite 203
Maple Shade, NJ 08052

Financial Institution: Wells Fargo
Financial Institution Address: PO Box 63020 San Francisco, CA 94163
Physical Address: 420 Montgomery St. San Francisco CA 94104
J.J. Kane Associates, Inc.
Account Number: 4736790510
Routing Number: 121000248

To identify your payment immediately, please send remittance information to

Important: Please include your invoice number with all payments.

CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS For your protection: JJ Kane DOES NOT accept any credit card numbers over email, fax, or voice mail.


THESE PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS WILL NOT CHANGE Wire Fraud and email hacking/phishing attacks are increasing! If you receive ANY communications advising that JJ Kane’s payment instructions have changed and requesting that you wire money to an account other than the account identified here, DO NOT RESPOND! Please immediately call your sales associate, previously known contact information or a company phone number found on our website. Any payment instructions should not be accepted via e-mail alone, but independently verified by phone.
For a printable version of our payment information, click here.