Why Your Farm Needs A Digger Derrick

The Digger Derrick – The Most Versatile Tool on the Farm.

Brought to you by minds like those who imagined the crescent-hammer, bailing wire and duct tape.

In the world of agriculture, you have to be innovative and flexible.  Allow us introduce you to a tool that can help you be just that, as you solve the problems encountered in modern-day farming, the digger derrick. You may have seen a used digger derrick, but you probably did not pay much attention to it.  A used digger derrick is truly versatile and can fill many roles, in the same way your backhoe is often used for a wide range of tasks.

The best part? This digger derrick is affordable! See all the used digger derricks we have for sale.

A True Combination Tool!

A digger derrick is the multi-tool of mobile equipment, packed with features from several equipment-types.  A digger derrick provides:

  • High-Capacity Crane (up to 20,000#).
  • Digger for drilling holes in the earth up to 30” diameter
  • Hydraulic power system to operate your implements, tools and attachments
  • Air compressor
  • “Man lift” (to raise yourself and work at heights up to 45’)
  • Dry storage bins to carry tools and material
  • Flatbed truck bed to transport large loads
  • Huge towing capacity to move implements and equipment

Easily Dig Holes

digger derrick easily digs the holes you need toThe digger and auger portion of this equipment creates holes just like you see the power company dig when setting a power pole.  The digger derrick can be used to dig and place deep corner posts for your fence line or poles for your next pole barn.  It’s designed to dig holes quickly, and easily.  The digger is attached to the large boom, and it is that boom that serves as your crane.  Derricks have large capacities, averaging a 15,000# lifting capability. It is that same digger boom that is used to lift items into position, like your fence posts and poles.

Hydraulic Power For Your Tools

digger derrick hydraulics power your implements and toolsThe digger and boom are powered by a PTO driven hydraulic system, from a truck transmission.  It’s a proven way to operate hydraulics, and one that us familiar and easy to use.  That same system is your own power source for operating implements, tools and accessories that are common in agriculture!  Quick-disconnect fittings can be used to easily connect to the portable power system on the truck.  Many well maintained derrick units are installed on International Trucks with the DT466 engine, which is a great product and something many farms are familiar with, making maintenance a breeze.

Compressed Air, Towing and Hauling

digger derrick truck air system can power your toolsThe truck, itself, has some features direct from the truck manufacturer that can help you – if you realize they are there. For example, digger derrick trucks normally have air brakes and that brake system can be your source of compressed air when necessary! Towing capabilities are also built into the truck, so consider the fact that the truck has a large capacity you can use to move equipment. Many digger derricks include flatbed bodies, so you essentially have a flatbed truck for the transportation of large cargo.

Carry Your Repair Supplies With You

digger derricks offer tons of dry storage for your tools and materialFarm equipment often requires repair and maintenance, and the digger derrick truck serves well in the role of a mechanic’s truck.  A heavy duty crane will lift and service your equipment in the field, while carrying the tools and material you need to complete the work.  All digger derricks will have some amount of body bins, which provide dry storage for tools and material, to enable keeping the things you need to do your job close at hand.

Transform Into a Bucket Truck For Aerial Work

digger derrick converts into a man lift or bucket truckA final feature of many digger derricks is that some provide the ability to pin a fiberglass bucket on the boom, transforming the boom into a “man-lift” similar to a “bucket truck”.  With the bucket pinned onto the boom, you can position yourself at heights up to 45’, and use the equipment to work at those heights.  Repairing a grain leg, cleaning gutters, trimming trees, hanging lights and many more tasks are made easier.

You Can Afford One

digger derrick has huge lifting capacity to 35 feetUsed digger derricks in good condition can be purchased in the $10,000 to $20,000 price range, and would be approximately 15 years old, in that price range.  The key to making a good purchase is to look for one that has been well maintained.  J.J. Kane sells used digger derricks from power companies, and those groups see that the equipment is well maintained and ready to work, so they can keep your lights on.  If you are buying one that has been in a fleet like that, you can feel comfortable it is in good condition and is likely ready to continue working for you.  Before buying, do your homework.  Understand the market and the items condition.  Just contact us and ask.  We are here to help!

See all the used digger derricks we have for sale.  J.J. Kane sells hundreds of good used digger derricks and more equipment at public auction, with locations near you. Other sources of good used digger derricks are Dealers, and also the local power companies who use them.  Your local Electric Membership Cooperative sometimes sells equipment to their members, so investigate that possibility.

Call 811 Before You Dig; you never know what’s beneath you.  Fall protection is something you definitely need, when you use the digger boom as a “bucket truck”, so use a harness and lanyard that meet safety requirements before getting airborne, yourself. Be sure you follow the guidelines in equipment operations and maintenance manual. Now that you have a new tool to employ, we want you to work safely.

J.J. Kane auctions offer a fair and open process, and we do not have minimums or reserves at our auctions.  Let us help you save money as you buy the equipment you need.  Download our Buyer’s Guide, and get the most out of the auction on sale day.  We’re here to help.