Why You Should Sell at Auction

Are you updating your fleet with new vehicles and equipment? Instead of jumping straight to trading in with a dealer, check out these reasons to sell your used cars, trucks, construction equipment and more at an auction.

Maximize Your Profits

When you trade your vehicles or other equipment in with a dealer, the dealer must sell your trade-in, and of course, they’ll aim to make a profit. This means dealers might offer you less than what your vehicle is worth so they can make a profit when they sell your trade-in. With a public auction, competition and the market determine the prices, leading to higher return for you.

JJ Kane hosts exclusively online timed auctions, bringing convenience to buyers and sellers alike. Premier timed auction locations are strategically located across the United States and staffed with associates who can help buyers preview and inspect auction items. Bidders can ask questions, inspect and operate equipment in person before placing their bids online.

Because our online auctions have a bidding window of five to seven days, sellers can increase the visibility of their items, encouraging more bidders and more profits.

Have Cash on Hand When You Buy

When you sell your vehicle at a JJ Kane auction, you’ll typically have the cash from your sale in your pocket within three weeks to put toward your new purchases.

With cash on hand instead of an unknown trade-in value, you can better plan for your purchase knowing what your down payment will be before entering a dealership. You can also source independent financing with that cash on hand, getting more control over your financing and terms.

Selling With JJ Kane is Easy

JJ Kane makes the selling process simple and streamlined for our customers. To consign your items at an auction, fill out this contact form, and an account manager will be in touch to walk you through the process. After you’ve signed a consignment agreement, your account manager will handle the rest, including listing the vehicle with photos and descriptions.