Where Do Auction Vehicles and Equipment Come From?

Knowing where auction equipment and vehicles come from can be incredibly valuable to the buyer. Many fleet owners and sellers use auctions hosted by a reputable third party. These auction events appeal to buyers who are looking for well-maintained equipment and a chance to grab a deal. Auctions provide easy access to equipment and vehicles that buyers need for work or home.

J.J. Kane Can Meet Your Needs

At J.J. Kane, we have an abundance of used equipment and vehicles available for you to purchase, direct from the owners. The majority of auction inventory comes from companies who have surplus equipment and vehicles that they no longer need. Frequent sellers include Danella, Duke Energy, Florida Power and Light Company, National Grid, Pacific Gas and Electric, Rural Electric Cooperatives, Municipal Governments, and more. These organizations provide surplus and retiring equipment which we review and then place into an auction. Other auction sellers include small business owners, contractors, investor-owned utilities, telephone and cable TV companies or anyone else that needs to sell their vehicles or equipment.

Why This is Good for You

Many auction consignors replace their equipment and vehicles on a regular schedule to maintain consistency in their fleets. Doing so enables them to focus on their core, whether that be delivering electric power, building construction, or providing government services. These groups use our auctions to sell their equipment and vehicles in a fast and efficient manor. In turn, this provides the perfect opportunity for auction buyers to purchase some good quality equipment and vehicles at a price that doesn’t break the bank!

We make it easy for you to buy the items you need through either live auctions or through online auctions, as well as a “buy-now” format for select equipment and vehicles.

Interested in selling your vehicles or equipment through J.J. Kane? Read more details about the selling process here.