Used Digger Derrick Trucks – A Key Investment

Used digger derricks are regarded by utility and construction companies as a solid business investment.  Doubling as a truck mounted crane as well as a digging machine, capable of producing foundations, it does twice the work on the same chassis.

The Used Digger Derrick – A Versatile Investment

Prospective buyers in these industries should consider the many benefits offered by investing in used digger derrick trucks, as they will generate revenue by increasing company productivity and reducing the number of equipment assets needed to produce it.


The digging potential offered by a used digger derrick outnumbers other heavy machines and more traditional construction methods. Industrial augers allow versatile operations with models especially designed for hard rock or coral, dirt, slurry and high production commercial drilling along with a wide variety of boring accessories.


The machines themselves are complex and require rigorous adherence to safety regulations. Such effort will be beneficial when these units are put to work. As long as they are operated correctly and handled cautiously by workers, a high degree of productivity and safety can be assured.


Utility and construction companies use these trucks and find them indispensable in these types of operation. Penetrating soil and rock is practically impossible with manual labor; blasting with explosives is becoming increasingly unpopular due to the inherent risks involved. The introduction of a powerful digger derrick to a work site provides workers with a relatively safe and practical method of completing the construction work at hand.

Utility companies and contractors are not the only ones who can benefit from investing in a used digger derrick truck. The strength and flexibility of these trucks can also be employed in urban areas where they are often used to build foundations as well as other road building operations. The vehicles fill an important function in colder climates, where they can drill through and remove thick layers of ice, allowing power poles to be replaced and power to be restored during winter storm outages.

A Key Equipment Asset

Digger derricks have become a key part of construction, providing drilling and digging services to a variety of industries. When handled by trained operators and used in accordance with safety regulations, they can effectively increase job site productivity and free up many work hours otherwise spent on manual labor. Specialized tools and accessories are available to adapt the vehicle for a wide range of purposes and environments, ranging from urban infrastructure maintenance to deep-level mining. Prospective buyers in the mining or construction business can benefit the possibilities available by investing in a truck of this kind, as finding a digger for sale can be a real money-making opportunity.Auction buyers need to carefully look over the items before placing a bid, and a reputable auction company should be willing to help them.  We’re here to help.  Ask us, if you need our assistance.

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