Selling & Buying at A Heavy Construction Equipment Auction Makes Sense

Acquiring a new piece of construction equipment so that a business can increase productivity and efficiency can involve a large expense. For many buyers, a heavy construction equipment auction provides them exactly what they need – good used equipment and vehicles which they can buy direct from the current owners. Let’s review a few advantages the auction sale venue can provide.

Why Auctions Make Sense

  • Convenience – Reselling used heavy equipment and machinery can be very challenging. Owners often have a hard time selling used equipment at a fair price, and as a result may suffer depreciation losses. A fast, simple process which connects buyers and sellers is a heavy construction equipment auction.
  • Advertising Effectiveness – At a well run auction, the items being offered for sale have been presented to many prospective buyers through many different types of advertising media. Sellers want a maximum number of bidders and use extensive media marketing strategies such as social media, print, digital, radio and other mediums are required to connect with buyers who need what is being sold.
  • Faster Disposition – More people are becoming better educated about this method of trade and marketing. Most owners who send used machinery to an auction house know the auctioneers will do a proper job; buyers have been notified through effective marketing techniques and are informed of what will be offered for sale. So these heavy equipment auctions guarantee a faster disposition of this type of machinery than some other methods.
  • Strategies – The strategy for selling hard-to-move units by auctioning is very diverse and could include live and online auctions or a combination of both. Sometimes a timed auction listing may be needed, to allow more advertising to direct buyers to the item, over a longer period of time.
  • Absolute Auction Value – In this kind of setting, with no minimums or reserves, buyers see the real possibility that they can get a machine at  great bargain. The seller’s desire is to get the maximum return possible for each item.
  •  Auctioneers – Reputable and highly skilled agents make the entire bidding process easier by helping buyers make good decisions which is achieved by helping clients understand the marketing policies of the auction company. All equipment is prepared to be sold under the careful scrutiny of trained equipment mechanics so that prospective bidders know that the machinery presented for bidding has been properly reconditioned and thoroughly inspected, making them worth the price being paid.

Equipment Auctions

Overall, heavy construction equipment auctions give both buyers and sellers a feeling of confidence, particularly when an auction company has an excellent reputation. The sellers’ (equipment owners’) reputation also makes an impact, when corporate and private fleets are known to take excellent care of their equipment. Buyers will seek out that equipment because they feel like it will be in better condition than equipment from other sources. The auction sale method makes the entire process fast, easy, and efficient!

J.J. Kane auctions offer more options when selling or buying equipment.  Our auction process is open and transparent.  Let us help you get the most out of the auction on sale day.