3 Ways You Can Reduce Environmental Impact Buying or Selling in Online Auctions 

In 2020, JJ Kane began hosting exclusively timed auctions. Timed auctions are hosted online  and run for a set amount of time, while still offering the key benefits of in-person auctions. This auction format brought changes that enhanced the experience for buyers and sellers—and ultimately, the environment.

Below, see three ways timed auctions have increased sustainability and reduced impact on the environment.

Buying Used Reduces Carbon Emissions vs. Buying New

Compared to buying new, giving a used item multiple lives reduces carbon emissions. In its 2022 Carbon Impact Report, Auction Technology Group, the company that administers JJ Kane’s online bidding, analyzed the emissions saved by purchasing various types of used items. To calculate the item’s carbon footprint, ATG analyzed the sum of greenhouse gases used to manufacture the item, the sum of gases produced while an item was used, and the end-of-life emissions produced from repurposing, recycling or disposing of the item. This was compared with the footprint of new equipment.

According to ATG, buying a single bucket truck secondhand saves 21 tons of carbon, while buying a large excavator saves 36 tons. Buying a used pickup truck saves 12 tons of carbon.

Carbon Savings Image

Online Auctions Reduce Drive Time and Resources Used During In-Person Events

With JJ Kane’s online auction format, buyers can bid from the comfort of their home or office, rather than driving to an auction location that could be hundreds of miles away. According to the EPA, each mile driven in a typical passenger vehicle emits approximately 400 grams of CO2 per mile, with a gallon of fuel burned equating to 8,887 grams of CO2. Annually, a typical passenger car emits 4.6 tons of CO2.

Bidding virtually also eliminates the need for large, in-person events. Onsite auctions require a large amount of resources in terms of energy used onsite and single-use paper products such as brochures distributed at the event—most of it thrown away at the event’s conclusion.

Reduce Seller and Buyer Transportation Emissions

While JJ Kane hosts online, timed auctions, it has locations across the country that process and house equipment and allow for in-person inspections. At the end of 2022, JJ Kane operated 75 locations across the country, meaning sellers and buyers are closer to a location than ever before, reducing travel needs for sellers and buyers alike.

Once equipment arrives on site, the JJ Kane team takes responsibility for getting equipment ready to sell and listed. Listings include detailed photos and videos that give bidders a thorough view of equipment prior to bidding, allowing bidders to decide if an in-person inspection is needed. For buyers who would like to see the physical item prior to bidding, in-person inspections are available five days a week during normal business hours. This allows buyers the flexibility to inspect equipment when it makes the most sense for travel arrangements.

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We offer additional services to our buyers and sellers including transportation, financing, cleaning, and de-identification to name a few. We make it easy to buy and sell vehicles and equipment that best fits your needs. We host over 90 public absolute auctions annually.

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