Mantis 14010 Crawler Cranes

When first developed, mobile cranes that filled purposes similar to Mantis 14010 crawlers were mounted to train cars and moved about on the railways to complete projects. With the addition of crawler carriers, cranes became more mobile, and able to work in areas that were never before thought possible. These cranes travel on crawler tracks similar to a crawler tractor, but obviously move much more slowly.

Mantis 14010 Crawler Crane Overview

Mantis 14010 crawler cranes are able to move around on site and perform functions with less preparation than truck mounted cranes because the crawler crane is steady on its tracks, making outriggers and cribbing unnecessary. The crawler carrier’s tracks deliver the ability to move and work on softer ground because the tracks help diffuse the weight of the load. Those steel tracks also make the crane much more stable than a crane with rubber tires and help give the crane added lifting capacity.

Mantis 14010 crawler cranes are also capable of navigating areas while carrying a load. This function offers workers the capability to move to an area of a job site while carrying a heavy load, often speeding up the overall job process.
There are some considerations to keep in mind when considering a crawler crane versus truck mounted cranes (boom trucks).  For instance, because crawler cranes are bulky and heavy, it can take some time to mobilize and transport the equipment to a new job site. Larger crawler cranes that must be moved a great distance are many times disassembled and transported by rail, truck, or barge to a new location.

  • Condition – Crawler cranes have a great number of moving parts and lubrication points, so a careful inspection of the overall carrier and crane is important.  Visible inspection of the unit as well as inspection of the records of the service and maintenance of the crane is important, too.
  • Parts Availability – When buying used equipment it is always important to pick a solid brand and consider its longevity and the accessibility of replacement parts. Avoid buying obsolete equipment that does not have alternative parts because it may lead to long down time if the machine fails. Be sure parts are locally available and that your local mechanic-vendors are capable of making repairs.

Crawler cranes are versatile workhorses, and the Mantis 14010 has made lots of money for the equipment owners who place them in their fleet.  They can be a useful asset for your business, allowing you the stability to carry large loads across a variety of terrain, and get the job done. Looking for mobile cranes, rough terrrain cranes or truck cranes, create your free account and receive notifications of auctions and equipment near you.

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