JJ Kane Offers More Benefits to New Online-Only Bidding

Whether you’re looking to buy late model fleet vehicles, ATVs, dozers, or backhoes, JJ Kane’s wide selection of sellers’ inventory caters to a variety of business needs. If you’re in the market for a great deal on late model construction equipment and vehicles, now might be the best time to buy! Like many other businesses at this time, JJ Kane is adapting to an online-only business model.

With this change, there are several new benefits that our customers can take advantage of:

Additional Preview Days

JJ Kane is offering additional preview days for customers to inspect vehicles and equipment. Previously, the window for inspection allowed for only one preview day before the auction close date. Now, customers are welcome to inspect equipment or vehicles in-person from 5 to 7 days before the auction closes. This extended preview period allows more time for you to research the item(s) you want to bid on and gives more flexibility with your schedule. Be sure to check our website for a schedule of preview times and days.*

Access to Preview at More Locations

Along with more preview days, JJ Kane is giving customers access to inspect items at new locations. Previously, JJ Kane only offered customers the option to visit our traditional live auction sites to inspect inventory. Now, in addition to our former live auction sites, customers can inspect vehicles or equipment at one of our 60+ holding yards or the seller’s location. Some locations may require an appointment before your inspection and some sellers may have restrictions. Be sure to check with our team prior to your visit so we can ensure you have best preview experience possible.

Enhanced Inspections

One key feature of a live auction that our buyers enjoyed in the past was the ability to inspect the equipment and speak with our staff in person. We still offer this opportunity if buyers choose and in addition, we also now offer on-site calls with our staff, who can answer any specific questions you might have.

Extended Bidding Windows

Another exciting benefit of our new, online-only auction format is longer bidding windows. Previously, bidders at live auctions would have around 60 seconds to place their bids before the bidding closed on that item. Now, with the online-only format, the bidding window starts seven days prior to the auction’s close and will extend 90 seconds if a bid occurs in the last minute! This extension gives you more opportunities to win the bid on the vehicle or piece of equipment you’ve been eyeing.

As our customers continue to shift to buying on the internet, we’re supporting that trend by transitioning all of our auctions to an online-only format. While traditional live auctions have their own unique appeal, online auctions have many advantages. We’ve combined the best features of a live auction with the advantages of an online auction to create a newer, more convenient buying experience. Enhanced inspections along with the convenience of registering, paying and bidding online, create a unique user experience that gives you the information you need to make an informed purchase decision without the physical and financial strains of attending in person.

*Preview days will be made available in accordance with local regulations as these regulations may change. Our team is committed to making sure our customers feel safe on-site as we practice social distancing and other safety measures.