JJ Kane Introduces New Premier Timed Auctions

As JJ Kane Auctions continues to embrace our online-only auction format, we are excited to introduce “premier timed auctions,” an enhanced auction structure that will create a more convenient and improved buying experience. The premier timed auctions will bring a wide variety of vehicles and construction equipment that JJ Kane customers are accustomed to seeing, along with many other new benefits.

The premier timed auction locations are scattered across the United States and staffed with JJ Kane associates. Additional on-site associates allow us to provide a more personal experience as buyers inspect items. Customers can ask questions in person as they browse vehicles or equipment and get a close look at their potential next purchase.

In addition to more staff on-site, JJ Kane is also providing a multi-day inspection period at these premier auction locations. Previously, the window for inspection allowed for only one preview day before the auction close date. More preview days provide additional time to research the item(s) you’re interested in and give you added flexibility in your schedule to plan your trip. Once you’ve inspected your item and feel confident in your assessment, you can register to bid online from the comfort of your chair.

Bidding online with JJ Kane has never been easier! We’ve provided a new, brief tutorial video that details our simple registration and online bidding process. If you have questions, you can also reach out to our dedicated customer service team by filling out our online form or calling our customer service number. To better serve you, we expanded our customer service team to accommodate a growing number of online inquiries and phone calls.

Another great benefit of our new premier timed auctions is the newly implemented online payment process. As we’ve shifted to our online-only auction format, we wanted to make sure our payment process could seamlessly incorporate our overall convenient web experience. Customers can now pay remotely through our website by filling out a secure payment form. A maximum payment of $10,000 can be made online. Our customer service team will process any payment over that amount via phone.

The benefits of our new premier timed auctions affect our buyers and sellers alike. Sellers can enjoy a more convenient digital, remote selling experience while we handle the selling process for them. An increased bidding window of five to seven days along with 60 to 90-second bid extensions allow our sellers to increase the visibility of their inventory, ultimately driving more customers to bid on their items!

JJ Kane will continue prioritizing convenience and accessibility to our customers. We’re confident the premier timed auctions will serve our buyers and sellers’ needs with the most efficient and enjoyable auction experience possible.