Important Aspects of Boom Truck Fleet Operations

Managers of boom truck (crane truck) fleets are continuously facing challenges that include: cost management, unpredictable fuel costs, operator safety, and green mandate implementation. Learning more about these major challenges can help managers address these issues efficiently.

Factors Affecting Boom Truck – Crane Truck Fleet Operations and Management

  • Cost Management – Fleet managers are constantly looking for ways to reduce boom truck costs. This pressure to save money has been persistent over the years as costs have risen but are typically offset by the resale value. A weak economy across the globe has put pressure on personnel to wisely manage spending. Added to these issues are continuously increasing fuel prices and equipment costs. Manufacturers have responded by offering vehicles with improved diesel efficiency; however, those new models come with an increased price. There are other ways to keep up with equipment and reduce overall expenditures.
  • Fuel Economy – Most corporate budgets include a variable cost of fuel in response to the big challenge faced by many companies. Managers have chosen high-mileage trucks, addressed driver behavior, and paid closer attention to fuel card velocity reports. Even doing this, many businesses are still having a hard time in balancing their budget due to the continually changing fuel prices. There are initiatives being taken for saving fuel, such as expanding the idle reduction policy, limiting the top speed , monitoring tire pressure, and reduction in fleet size.
  • Operator Safety – Safety includes reducing the rate of preventable road and work site accidents, liability costs and downtime for repairs. When accident rates are lowered, insurance costs are directly affected and will decrease. Most fleet managers are dedicating a large percentage of time to safety and programs that work for the safety of operators and crew. Another innovative approach that can be adopted is the “Motor Vehicle Record” (MVR) program, which has proven to work effectively in many big fleet companies.
  • Green Mandates – Even with a slow-paced economy, the initiative for sustainability and environmental attention receives strong support from numerous companies. Many big fleet owners are shifting from using six-cylinder to four-cylinder engines and incorporating hybrid models into fleet inventories. While sufficient capital is one of the biggest issues in implementing green mandates, acquiring these vehicles from second-hand dealers such as auction houses will eventually provide an acceptable return on investment. This would allow a business to purchase low-cost vehicles while still enjoying the same efficiency, safety and productivity.

Where to Learn More About Fleet Improvements and Strategies

Facing such boom truck fleet challenges by introducing fresh strategies, persevering to adapt new technology, and adopting new tactics will help companies stay productive and able to face any obstacles that may arise.

Consider options like the National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA) as a source of the latest information and strategies, to help you get the most from your time, and fleet.

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