How to Find Well-maintained Used Cars & Trucks For Sale

Buying well maintained used cars and trucks to buy does not have to mean spending a ton of money. With the economy still trying to rebound, many buyers are still cautious.  You have another option – buying used cars, trucks and more for sale at a public auction.

Where Do I Find Well Maintained Used Cars & Trucks For Sale?

A chief concern of most buyers is knowing that they have access to well maintained equipment.  So, consider this – most fleet vehicles within large companies are maintained on tight schedules, where fluids are changed, drive trains are cared for, and preventative maintenance is a high priority for the operators who count on those vehicles to get their job done, every day.  Company garages are full of people and parts all dedicated to keeping the fleet in good running order.

Many times you find utility company and government fleet vehicles in good condition because those fleets need to be able to count on the equipment day in and day out. Many times, those sellers place reliable used cars in the auction.  Breakdowns are not only an inconvenience, they can be seen as a hazard for those fleets; because in times of need their customers and citizens count on fast response to be delivered to the community.

Despite the fact that some of these vehicles’ lifespan has been taken by the previous owner, many of the items you find at auction still have a lot of life left in them.

Buy Fleet Vehicles

Knowing about the previous owner of the vehicle and something about how the equipment was likely maintained is valuable information.  Odds are that any vehicles that come from a reputable company’s fleet will likely be well-maintained due to that strict maintenance schedule.  Ask us.  We’re glad to tell you who the seller is, as well as any other information we happen to have, if it will be of value to you.

Some fleet vehicles are also sold into the secondary market with good useable mileage remaining.  Businesses sometimes prefer to keep their company vehicles as new as possible in order to reduce their own maintenance costs and increase the reliability of their fleet.  Shorter fleet life-cycles allow auction-buyers access to good, used cars, equipment and vehicles with a large portion of their service remaining.  These can surely be bought at a much lower price than a new car or equipment piece would cost.

Buy a Reliable Brand – Where Parts are Easily Accessible

Choosing the right brand is an important factor to consider. No two manufacturers are alike in terms of quality; so the brand that is chosen should be well-known for its reliability. The availability of replacement parts and authorized service centers should also be part of the decision as to which brand to choose. Parts and authorized technicians should be readily available locally in case the truck breaks down; this will avoid long down-times and loss of revenue.

Buying good used equipment does not have to become an expensive prospect. Purchasing from a Public Auction is one way to buy what you need without paying for a brand new item.

Inspect the Item Carefully – Ask Us for Help, If You Need It

Auction buyers need to carefully look over the items before placing a bid, and a reputable auction company should be willing to help them.  We’re here to help.  Ask us, if you need our assistance.

Our auction process is open and transparent.  Let us help you get the most out of the auction on sale day.
You have options, but purchasing a good used car or truck, or even a used bucket truck for sale at J.J. Kane auctions is easy. To learn helpful tips, download our Buyer’s Guide or view our Car & Truck Buyers Guide on YouTube. Have questions? Contact us; we are glad to help.