Find Deals on Used Hybrid Cars at Public Auction

Many government (and private) owners have been incorporating hybrid cars, hybrid SUVs, alternate fuel vehicles and latest technologies into their fleets for years. Some of these used hybrid cars are for sale now, entering the secondary markets. You can find lots of used hybrid cars being resold as surplus when they are replaced by private and government fleets with new models.

Used Hybrid Cars – Overview

Alternate fuel vehicles have a long history, dating back to the first vehicle to run on ethanol, a Ford Model T, in 1908. Within the past decade, the use of alternate fuel vehicles (including hybrids) has exploded.

The Federal Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct) requires that 70 percent of the vehicles used by metropolitan area government fleets be Alternate Fuel Vehicles. Examples of metro areas where you can find local surplus vehicles being sold to the public at auction are Portland, OR, West Palm Beach, FL, Rome, NY, Charlotte, NC, and Atlanta, GA.

State governments, such as Missouri, have incorporated larger hybrid vehicles into their fleets. Where there is heavier work to be done, you will find equipment items like cranes and bridge inspection units in use, mounted on International model 4300 Hybrid Trucks. Mechanical and service trucks are another truck-type more commonly seen as a hybrid.

Flex-fuel vehicles are the most prolific alternate fuel autos. Two or more fuel types can be used in the same combustion engine, with those fuel-types carried in a single fuel tank. Some of the most popular gas/electric hybrid vehicles are the Ford Escape, Toyota Prius and Honda Accord. The Chevy Silverado, Ford F150 Pickup Truck, Chevy Tahoe, Dodge Dakota, and Chevy Impala are examples of commonly used government fleet vehicles, with the flex-fuel option. Hybrid and alternate fuel vehicles are currently being replaced and are selling as government surplus, at auctions. They can be found for sale to second owners because they are beginning to retire from service in fleets that purchased them new during 2005 and 2006.

Worldwide, there are approximately 27 million flex-fuel vehicles in use.  Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), and Bio Diesel are the most popular fossil fuel sources for alternate fuel vehicles, of which there are roughly 28 million vehicles in service.

At this time, fleets selling their used hybrid cars and alternate fuel vehicles are typically 2007 – 2010 models, after operating them for an average of 7 years. Find a place you can kick the tires and inspect the autos. If you look, you can find a good used hybrid vehicle at a price price well below the cost of a new hybrid car.

If you would like to find surplus or used hybrid cars & SUVs, seek out a reputable auction company that represents the owners and resells vehicles. Find a place you can choose from different options, and make the buying process easy on yourself. You need the vehicle to help you conduct your business, so don’t waste your time and effort searching. Instead, go to the experts and find a variety of options to fit your need.

Good used hybrid cars are often available for sale from public auctions.  The general public can sometimes take advantage of auctions to make a purchase directly from the fleet owner, rather than pay dealer mark-up.  Good quality used hybrid cars can be a useful asset for your family or business, in these days of rising fuel costs.

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