Find Bucket Truck Parts At Auction

Regardless of how well bucket trucks are maintained, just like any other mechanical equipment they are subject to wear and tear simply from regular use. Knowing where to find used bucket truck parts is imperative. Many times, utility equipment auctions include parts, and may offer you a way to fill that need.

Know Where to Go For Bucket Truck Parts

With prolonged use, problems may begin to develop with some of the internal components of the engine: bearings may start to loosen; the clutch lining may start to slip; and the hydraulic system may develop leaks. from  may seem somewhat bewildering at times because bucket truck models have been designed for dozens of unique needs.  In order to keep a truck in safe working condition, maintenance must be consistently performed and most importantly, components that are on the verge of breaking must be replaced. Expenses for replacement parts can easily increase equipment maintenance costs. Thankfully, auctions can provide operators and contractors with quality replacement parts at relatively inexpensive prices.

  • Problems – One of the biggest challenges in buying replacement parts is the high cost. While manufacturers do provide components for current model trucks, a genuine replacement part can be very expensive. In addition, it generally must be shipped from the manufacturer before the part can be installed, which may take days and cause repair delays.  With older bucket trucks, the problem is even worse. With this type of equipment, it is often hard to find replacement parts. As equipment ages, the supply of its components diminishes; eventually the manufacturer stops producing them which creates a shortage in the supply and an increase in the cost of the remaining stock.
  • Advantages – A heavy equipment auction is an ideal place to find components for current and older equipment, including bucket trucks. While auction houses generally sell heavy duty equipment by itself, some also specialize in selling salvaged parts which are pieces that have been taken from other trucks that have already been decommissioned. Instead of completely scrapping the unit, some pieces are salvaged and sold individually.  The biggest advantage of buying from an auction is that the value of the item being sold is dictated by the buyers. So with the right approach and timing, used truck components can be purchased at a bargain price. In addition, the fact that surplus parts have already used some of their service life makes it an even more inexpensive option.   Another advantage of buying from an auction is that it is easy to find components for a wide range of trucks, whether the vehicle is a current or older model. While most of the salvaged parts come from older bucket trucks, there are also some parts that are from current model equipment that has been scrapped due to some type of total damage situation.
  • Buying Tips – Since the salvaged components sold through auction are used, there is a possibility that they may not be in good working condition. Therefore, before bidding on any of these parts, the buyer should always verify the condition first. For metal components that are exposed to friction, measure the thickness of the part to ensure that it is still in the tolerable range. A buyer should run their fingers across the surface of the metal to see if there are grooves, which could be a sign of uneven wear. Look for signs of metal fatigue such as cracks, deformities, and color changes or variations.
  • Avoid Reuse of Bucket Truck Parts That Are Exposed to Wear and Tear – It is unwise to consider purchasing consumable parts that are extensively exposed to wear and tear, such as brake pads, clutch linings, bearings, tires, etc. These parts wear out very easily and unlike other components, are best when purchased new.

An auction is an outstanding alternative source for low cost bucket truck parts, particularly for older model bucket trucks. Consider utility auctions as an option when you need “hard to find” replacement parts at a great price!
You have options, and purchasing a used bucket truck or manufacturer’s parts from auctions does not have to be confusing. Knowing what to focus on and which things to look for can help you make an informed decision. J.J. Kane Public Auctions connect you to parts and equipment you need. Download our Buyer’s Guide for tips and answers to commonly asked questions. Contact us and we will be glad to help you and discuss your options.