Find A Deal – Buy A Used Bucket Truck at Public Auction

Auctions are a great way to buy the equipment you need, like a used bucket truck, at a price you determine.  When you think of an “auction” you typically think of an absolute auction, where you can get a deal, and where there are no minimums or reserves.  It is possible you could buy something for as little as $1, if no one else bids on the item.  That’s the excitement you see in all the auction television shows.  Our auctions are absolute.  That means the selling price of every item is set by the bidders in the auction, and no one else!  No minimum bids are allowed at J.J. Kane auctions, and owners may not bid on their items.  Our auctions are what people think of as “auctions” in the truest sense. That’s what allows some bidders the chance to get a deal on a used bucket truck at the auction!

The Bidding May Seem Fast – But You Can Do It!  Let us help you at the bucket truck auction

Bidding at an auto, used bucket truck or equipment auction is easy.  Don’t be intimidated by what may sound like a speedy, scary process.  It’s not that fast.  You can do it, if you know a little about what to expect.  Come register and just attend a J.J. Kane auction sale, listen to and experience the process.  As you do, you will gain confidence and you will see that it’s a lot of fun – because you have a chance to get a real deal on something.

Just Listen and Think About the Next Bid Number

Within the bidding process, the main thing to focus on is this – listen to the auctioneer and think about where he is going next (don’t think about the number he is calling.  Think ahead). Listen to the bids he asks for and very shortly you will begin to understand and you will know what number he will ask for next…  That’s all a part of becoming comfortable with the auction process.

Auctioneers ask for bids in amounts like $100, $250, and so on.  If the auctioneer just asked for $1250 and he says “$1250, now $1500” you can understand that someone just bid $1250 and now he’s asking for $1500, the next increment.  When someone bids $1500 he will next say “now $15 will you bid 17 and a half ($1750)” and so on.

If you have never been to an auction and you want to talk about how the bidding process works, contact us and we will discuss it with you in advance.  You can also come out the day before the sale and visit us on site.  We are glad to answer any questions.

Visit the Auction Site the Day Before the Sale – Inspect and Create Your Auction Plan

Come out a day in advance of auctions.  Inspect the used bucket trucks, used cars and trucks or used construction equipment items you would like to buy the day before the auction (during a public preview day) and decide how much you are willing to bid on each item you want.  Write those amounts down in the auction catalog you will receive when you preregister.  Knowing how much you are wiling to bid is critical in order to achieve your goals – getting the cars or trucks or equipment you need at a price you are happy with.

Plan ahead, write down your top bid amount; a price you are comfortable with. When you are bidding, don’t go over your maximum price. You can buy something another day.

Download our buyers guide for helpful tips on inspecting equipment and planning your bid amounts before the auction. Panning ahead is truly an important part of the process, and a successful day at the auction. If you need help inspecting equipment or panning your bid amounts, ask us for guidance. We believe absolute public auctions are a better way for you to buy what you need.

Our auction process is open and transparent. Let us help you get the most out of the auction on sale day. Download our Buyer’s Guide for helpful tips. Purchasing a used bucket truck or other items at J.J. Kane auctions does not have to be intimidating. In fact, once you have observed the process, you will be comfortable and you’ll find it’s a fun way to find a deal.