Bid on More Inventory Than Ever Before with Two-Day Auctions

Get ready to bid on more inventory as JJ Kane Auctions moves to a two-day auction format. Effective February 2024, JJ Kane’s Regional Monthly Auctions will host two-day auction events to accommodate even more inventory and give bidders more opportunity to win.

The two-day auction format will feature a new ring structure. The first day of the auction will have two rings and the second day will typically have one ring. Buyers should familiarize themselves with the ring structure outlined below to prepare bidding strategy. This outline is also listed on the auction event landing page at

Day 1 Ring Structure

Day one will always consist of two rings with the following categories:

Ring 1: Cars, SUVs, vans, pickups, ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles and boats

Ring 2: Miscellaneous items

Day 2 Ring Structure

Day two will include one ring.

Ring 1: Cranes, aerial units, all forestry equipment, service trucks, mechanic trucks, dump trucks, truck tractors, flatbeds, step vans, vactor trucks, reel trucks, specialty trucks, all equipment, equipment attachments, trailer mounted equipment and all trailers.

In some auctions, increased inventory amounts will require two rings on the auction’s second day.

Bidders should check each auction to see when items begin to close. Four items will close out every three minutes, with extended time added if a bid is made 90 seconds prior to closing.

How do two-day auction events affect the payment process?

If buyers win items in both days, they will receive separate invoices for each day. This means customers will also receive two different DocuSigns that need to be completed. In some cases, two title acknowledgements and two tax document requests will be sent if applicable.

Per usual protocol, buyers will need to pay their invoice in full prior to transporting and removing their items. If customers would like to make a combined payment for both invoices, they must include both invoice ID numbers on remittance so JJ Kane can apply the combined payment to both invoices.

JJ Kane is committed to providing a smooth bidding experience for customers. The new, two-day auction format will give customers the opportunity to browse more inventory and bid on more vehicles and equipment to support their business and personal goals. Visit and click on the auction event date to access the Ring schedules for specific categories as listed above or, give us a call at (856) 764-7163 to speak to one of our helpful customer service representatives if you have any questions.