Benefits of Using Hybrid Bucket Trucks

In today’s world, many types of vehicles and commercial equipment, like cars, trucks, SUVs and digger derricks and Bucket Trucks are being manufactured with hybrid vehicle technology, giving us hybrid bucket trucks! Massive engines are required to move the heavy chassis and are also used to drive a smaller hydraulic pump that powers on-board hydraulic equipment. Because of such a large power imbalance, manufacturers adopted hybrid technology for this equipment. New hybrid vehicles have a high initial cost for and it can be beneficial to attend an equipment auction to find used hybrid bucket trucks for sale.

Hybrid Bucket Trucks & Hybrid Technology

Hybrid technology found on heavy-duty equipment is much different from what is used on cars like the Toyota Prius. In cars, both the internal combustion engine and the electric motor alternately drive the transmission which in turn drives the wheels. The hybrid technology found on heavy-duty vehicles uses the same principle but with a much different arrangement.

A regular internal combustion engine still drives the transmission; however, the role of the electric motor is to drive the hydraulic pump whenever any hydraulic components such as the digger, boom and outriggers are being used. The main engine can also drive the hydraulic pump once the electric motor batteries are drained of power.

Advantages of Hybrid Vehicles

Below are some advantages of attending a vehicle and equipment auction and purchasing used hybrid bucket truck, with that technology:

  • Fuel Efficiency – The main benefit of using hybrid technology is a reduction in fuel consumption. During operation, the main engine must maintain a preset RPM in order to drive the hydraulic pump and keep the installed equipment operational. Because the engine is massive, it requires a great deal of fuel just to drive the smaller hydraulic pump.  That may not an efficient use of energy. With a hybrid-equipped vehicle, the electric motor takes over the role of the engine when the installed equipment is in operation, resulting in a significant reduction in fuel consumption.
  • Low Noise Emission – Noise from the engine is eliminated once the electric motor takes over during the equipments’ operation. Because electric motors barely produce any noise, the result is very quiet operation. Communication between workers is easier and safety at the work site is improved.
  • Reduced Engine Emissions – Burning fuel inside an internal combustion engine produces noxious gases, such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide. These gases are a major contributor to global warming; and when inhaled in large volumes, mental performance can be reduced. Since the engine does not need to run during installed equipment operation, engine emission is reduced.
  • Longer Engine Life – When the engine is running, there is friction between moving components such as bearings, pistons and cylinder walls, valves, etc., which will eventually cause wear on the parts; however, electric motors have fewer moving components which provides a longer lifespan. By reducing the workload on an internal combustion engine, the lifespan of the main engine, itself, can be extended.

Hybrid technology is a significant improvement in the design of vehicles and heavy equipment, including the digger truck, cranes and other construction equipment. Hybrid technology addresses many of the problems associated with the standard vehicles for sale, such as: high operational costs due to poor fuel efficiency; engine emissions; noise; and frequent maintenance.

Hybrid Bucket Trucks are the way of the future, and public auctions are a great way to buy the equipment you need. Auctions offer an opportunity to buy at actual market value, because bidders set the values. Download our Buyer’s Guides for tips and answers to commonly asked questions, and contact us, if we can assist.