Auction Update – Critical Infrastructure Equipment

The safety of associates and customers is J.J. Kane’s highest priority. We are monitoring the spread of the COVID-19 closely and communicating with local and state public health agencies along with the White House and the CDC.

J.J. Kane offers a variety of equipment necessary to support essential critical infrastructure such as telecommunications, electric, water, sewer and gas utilities.

Equipment classified as essential includes aerial devices, service trucks, fleet vehicles, backhoes, digger derricks, cranes and other construction equipment critical to the industries previously mentioned.

We acknowledge and respect the government’s recent recommendations to stay at home during this ever-evolving public health issue. Until further notice, all J.J. Kane auctions will move to a timed, online-only format.

In order to support these essential infrastructure businesses, some of our associates are required to be physically present. J.J. Kane continues to comply with state, county and federal social distancing requirements.

Our team is making every effort to keep our customers informed. We will continue to provide the customer service that you have come to expect from us. Visit our website for updates, and be sure to follow us on social media to keep up with the latest information on our auctions. Thank you for understanding.

Note: As of today March 21st, J.J. Kane can only auction critical infrastructure equipment in states that have a shelter in place order.

J.J. Kane will still auction non-essential equipment in states that are not under “stay home” requirements.

As other states implement stay home orders, J.J. Kane will remove items that are not deemed as essential from our auctions. Anything listed on the website can be inspected and delivered after the sale.