5 Reasons Why Buying A Used Bucket Truck Makes Sense

Many businesses require the use of a bucket truck, but when it comes to the decision of whether to buy new or used bucket trucks, you need to evaluate several points. Let’s review some key considerations when considering buying a new bucket truck versus a used bucket truck.

Considerations: Buy New or Buy a Used Bucket Truck?

Sometimes, buying a new piece of equipment is the right decision, but depending on the frequency of use, availability of good used equipment and ability to find parts, a used equipment may be the right decision.

When you buy new equipment, it comes backed with the manufacturer’s warranty. That assurance can be nice to have, in the event something needs repair. Considering the fact that you are buying an expensive item, you may want that assurance. Just remember, it comes at a much higher cost.

Most owners assume that new equipment reduces the need (frequency) of equipment repair.  However, a majority of all problems in new equipment are recognized within the first few months and at low mileage. A good used equipment item has already had the initial glitches worked out of it and if it has been maintained well, it can be in excellent working condition!  That used item offers you the chance to get a piece of equipment that will work and make your company money, at a reduced cost versus new equipment.

Many governing agencies and the equipment manufacturer instruct the owner on the frequency and nature of inspections as well as levels of maintenance required to own and operate the equipment. When a fleet follows those guidelines and then sells the equipment, a new owner can take advantage of knowing that the equipment was well maintained and may be ready to go right back to work for them.

Cost Savings is the key consideration when buying a used bucket truck. You can often buy one that is 7-10 years old at a cost of 50% or less compared to a new bucket truck. If you would like to have a warranty, then consider buying from a used bucket truck dealer. You can find good used items which may (like a new one) be sold with a warranty.

As the economy improves, demand for new equipment rises and availability declines.  You may have to wait over a year to receive a new bucket truck, if you order from the manufacturer. Consider your needs and the amount you want to invest in the equipment, and decide if a new bucket truck, a used bucket truck, or even a rental would be best for you. You have lots of options.

The Bottom Line

If saving money is a key goal – buy a used bucket truck or rent a unit.  If you want to consider buying a used unit, our auction process is open and transparent and our consignors offer units for sale every week, across the nation.  Let us help you get the most out of the auction on sale day – download our Buyer’s Guide for tips and answers to commonly asked questions. Have other questions? Contact us; we are glad to help.