3 Things To Know – Used Bucket Trucks Can Improve Your Business

The used bucket truck, commonly known as a “cherry picker,” is a renowned type of industrial equipment. Since its development, it has set high standards for aerial-related activities; this is why it is used by so many industries as a primary means to achieve the required elevation for various aerial applications. Used bucket trucks can be purchased new, which is very expensive. They can also be purchased, used, in other more cost effective formats such as a used bucket truck auction.

How Can A Bucket Truck Can Help Your Business?

  • Versatility- The bucket truck started out as a machine for orchard harvesting, hence the commonly used name, cherry picker. It is now most commonly used by utility line companies, although there are also other applications for this versatile vehicle. For example, arborists rely on it to reach tree branches with ease. It is also used by videographers and photographers to get a bird’s-eye view of an area. Construction workers employ it for working in various aerial activities, such as installing exterior glass panels, changing lights, constructing electric and telecommunications lines, etc. Used bucket trucks can be used for multiple applications as long as it meets any working height and weight capacity requirements.
  • Advantages – Before the development of this mighty machine, workers had to rely on wooden ladders, scaffolding, and rope systems. While such equipment can certainly do a job, it is a very unsafe method upon which to rely. Improper ladder placement, poor scaffolding construction, and weak ropes can make the work extremely dangerous. One wrong move and a worker could wind up with bruises and broken bones – or worse.The bucket truck is a much more stable system than any of these other methods. Since its development, various safety features have been added to make the equipment even safer to use. Modern bucket trucks are equipped with outriggers to aid stability, fall arrest systems, emergency override controls, insulation to help reduce dangers of electrocution, and tilt monitors to help in setting up the machine properly, to prevent overturning the equipment.The use of bucket trucks has also greatly improved worker efficiency. Without such equipment, workers would have to deal with the exhausting task of climbing in order to get to the required location to conduct their work. With equipment such as those sold at a used cherry picker sale, getting to the right height only requires a maneuver on the controls, which allows workers to get more work done in much less time, with less effort.
  • Responsibilities – To borrow the quote from Voltaire that “with great power comes great responsibility,” the use of this equipment also comes with a huge responsibility. Although the bucket truck has improved the safety and efficiency of aerial jobs, workers also have a responsibility to operate the truck safely; the slightest mistake could result in property damage or serious injuries. For this reason, OSHA has mandated that bucket truck operators and workers undergo proper training to learn about the correct use of this equipment, its limitations, and any involved dangers.

As a multipurpose piece of equipment, vehicles purchased from a used bucket truck sale have huge potential to help business owners increase profits because they can be used for so many applications. Safety and work efficiency can also be improved, making them a valuable business asset. To realize their full potential, workers must undergo proper training and follow manufacturers’ guidelines. Then, they will be ready to demonstrate what a bucket truck can do for a business.

Want to Learn More About Used Bucket Trucks?

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