Florida Power & Light Company Fleet and Equipment Auctions

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Florida Power & Light Corporation Surplus Sells to the Public!

Used cars, trucks, equipment and more from Florida Power & Light Company are available for purchase by the general public three times each year, at auction, in Riviera Beach, FL (West Palm Beach area). These items are typically being sold as they retire from service, making way for new trucks and equipment. In addition to FPL items these auctions include cars, trucks and equipment retiring from local governments, contractors and other utility fleets that are replacing some well-maintained items.

There are no minimums or reserves at our sales, meaning the selling price is determined by the bidders participating in the auction, and no one else. Bid Online or leave an absentee bid if you cannot be with us on Sale Day! You don’t have to be there to get a deal. We sell a wide variety of items from cars, pickups, and SUVs to bucket trucks and backhoes. Equipment is added daily so sign up for email updates and don’t miss out!