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Used cars, trucks, utility and construction equipment from Eversource Energy’s fleet are available for purchase by the general public in JJ Kane auctions throughout the year. These items are typically sold as they retire from service to make way for new fleet cars, trucks, and equipment.

There are no minimums or reserves at our public auctions. The selling price is determined solely by the bidders participating in the auction.

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JJ Kane sells a wide variety of inventory including cars, trucks, equipment, tools, and accessories from area governments, contractors, and other utility fleets replacing some well-maintained items.

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Chevrolet Colorado 4x4 Extended-Cab Pickup Truck ItemId:1194045
2008 Chevrolet Colorado 4x4
  • Item Id: 1194045
  • Sale Date: 02/09/21
  • Equipment Location: Shrewsbury, MA
  • Description: 2008 Chevrolet Colorado 4x4 Extended-Cab Pickup Truck, 4-cyl Auto, A/C, (155,165 miles) (Runs & Moves) (Rust Damage, No rear seats)
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