Difference between Government and Absolute Auctions

What’s the difference? Government and Absolute Auctions

For buyers and sellers alike, auctions are an exciting event. Popular with a diverse array of individuals, J.J. Kane hosts both government and absolute auctions. Knowing the differences between each auction can help you make sure you are getting the maximum value out of your purchase.

Government Auctions

Government agencies routinely sell or exchange their surplus items in public auctions where anyone can buy them. Most of the time, government auctions are held online and include used cars, trucks, police cruisers, ambulances, recycling equipment and more. A key advantage of purchasing from a government auction is that these vehicles have typically been fleet maintained.

Absolute Auctions

Absolute auctions are similar but feature different products and purchasing guidelines. The most important thing to know about these auctions is that there is no minimum purchase price. When the sale occurs, the item will automatically go to the highest bidder.

Getting the Most out of your Purchase

Auctions can be complex. However, once you understand the type of auction system you are taking part in, you can receive many advantages. For example, with an absolute auction, bidders have the chance to get an item for a much lower price than they could have originally.

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