Absentee Bidding – A Key Tool To Grab A Deal At The Auction

A live auction is the place where you can get great deals on many kinds of equipment, such as used bucket trucks, backhoes, skid steers, pickup trucks and more. In order to participate in a conventional, live auction, a bidder must be present at the exact place, date and time set forth by the auctioneer and bid live during the event. In our ever-demanding world, there are many circumstances when a buyer cannot attend a live, physical auction event. When that happens, there are some other ways to address the issue of needing to be in two places at the same time. Absentee bidding, telephone bidding, and online bidding are three possible solutions.

You Want to Buy Something, But Cannot Be At The Auction Location, In Person

  • Absentee Bidding – In cases when an interested party cannot be physically present at the event and a phone call is not possible either, an absentee bid may be used as an alternative. Using this option, a participant indicates the highest amount willing to be paid for bucket trucks on a form provided to them by the auction company; this allows the auctioneer to act as their proxy and execute the bid. People bidding at an auction can easily decide to add a few dollars on top of that absentee bid to win the right to purchase the equipment.  One scenario where an absentee bid really makes sense is when there are some items that you’d like to have, but you just cannot stick around the auction all day waiting for the items to sell.  In that case, leaving absentee bids with the auctioneer is a great way to place your bids and perhaps get a deal. Sometimes, the items being sold last (at a live auction) end up being great buys, great deals! Let absentee bidding help you grab a deal on something you need to buy.
  • Telephone Bidding – By choosing this option, a participant can bid in the live auction event without having to be physically present. A bidder may arrange to participate with a telephone bid, ahead of time. In most cases, there is no definite time that the call must be placed since the exact time to bid and length of time it takes for bucket trucks to be auctioned varies. A call may be made anywhere from an hour to just minutes before the auction begins to notify a participant that the event is beginning. So on the day of the event, a participant should be ready to take such a call at any time.  Bidding by phone is almost as good as being present at the auction. Compared to other absentee options, a purchaser has direct control over the increments of the bid and can choose to stop bidding once the amount exceeds a certain maximum amount. Another advantage is that the results are known as soon as bidding ceases.
  • Live, Online Bidding via Internet – Many auction companies offer bidders the ability to bid live, online, while the auction event is going on. This service usually requires a bidder to sign up some time before the auction begins. Once registered, bidders can listen to the auction online and place bids from a remote location. With all the demands on our time, internet bidding is a very convenient feature, helping bidders who cannot attend in person connect with the items they need to buy.

Nothing Beats a Live Auction For the Potential to Grab a Deal

When attending a live auction on sale day is not possible, the options listed above are good ways to still be able to participate in the auction and buy the equipment you need. It is important to choose wisely; these options have advantages and disadvantages over the other. Bidding online or by phone keeps the bidder in the driver seat and allows you that chance to change your mind and increase your bid. Absentee bidding is static. Once you tell the auctioneer your maximum bid, the clerk simply bids for you and if bids exceed your maximum, you are out.

You have options, and purchasing a used bucket truck, backhoe, service truck or other items at public auction is a good way to save money and grab a deal. Our auction process is open and transparent.  Let us help you get the most out of the auction on sale day. Download our Buyer’s Guide for tips and answers to frequently asked questions. Have more questions? Contact us; we are glad to help you, and good luck at the auction!