3 Things You Need To Know About Used Digger Derrick Trucks

Many methods, tools and techniques can be used to bore into the ground. One method is a used digger derrick. This powerful machine is essentially a boom truck (crane truck) which also includes a large motor and auger which is driven into the ground through rotation. Digger derricks are commonly used by power line line, telecommunications and construction industries. The rotating hex-shaft auger is specifically designed to penetrate hard soil and dirt and convey broken and loose material out of the ground.  Digger derricks offer a fast, effective  method for boring holes. The key feature of a digger derrick truck is the auger.

Basics, Uses, and Advantages of Digger Derrick Trucks

  • Hydraulic Motor and Auger – Augers are the most vital component of digger trucks; without them; the device would not perform its designated mission. It would simply be a boom truck (crane truck).  Auger drills are considered as mechanized hole diggers because of the design of the auger flights, which causes loosened debris to move out of the hole that is being drilled. In order to serve its primary function, the machine needs a power supply (typically a combustion engine) to power the hydraulic system which provides the energy to rotate the digger’s auger and remove the material. This specialized mobile digging equipment is essential to many industries because of the speed and efficiency of its performance.
  • Uses of Digger Trucks – Normally, a digger derrick is a mobile device with a digger derrick mounted on a truck chassis. It is extremely large due to the physical dimensions and heavy weight of the attached boom pedestal and booms, and the hydraulic motor, auger and accessories. The digger truck has a powerful engine to multiply the torque and control the hydraulic system, which in turn directs the rotational capacity of the auger.  Generally, these vehicles can be seen roadside boring into the ground, replacing utility poles or digging holes for concrete foundations for street light poles, and (when combined with a pin-on bucket  – transforming it into a bucket truck, too) trimming tree branches overhanging power lines. In construction, the auger is deployed to dig holes for deep building foundation piles. With the advent of this innovative technology, the old way of hole making has been replaced with the versatility of this mighty machine.
  • Advantages – There are many advantages to using this drilling method. Its process is cost-efficient, simple to operate with the right training, has a rapid rate of penetration and is easy to maintain.

Summary: Used Digger Derrick

Digger trucks should only be operated by properly trained personnel who have completed required training as mandated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and in accordance with manufacturer instructions. Users should adhere to strict compliance with safety standards while operating this vehicle.

Digger derricks are vital tools in performing meaningful applications and have made the process of digging effortless, quick, and safe. This all-around equipment can serve as a remedy to many existing problems of various industries associated with the creation of a pit or hole for different purposes and industries such as utility, construction, mining, and petroleum. While most types of hydraulic machines have specific functions, the function of digger trucks is to dig up the ground!

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