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Live Off-Site

What is Live Off-Site?

Selling Live Off-Site

Selling Items in Live Auctions from Remote Locations

If you have an item you would like to sell at an upcoming auction and it is close to the site but you are unable to transport the item to one of our auction yards, our Live Off-Site option may work for you. We can incorporate your nearby items into a live auction close to you. This allows flexibility when you need to sell something and want it in a live auction, but you cannot transport the item to an auction site.

We incorporate Live Off-Site items into one of our weekly Live auctions, so you have the benefit of being included in a live auction, selling your items “Live Off-Site.”

What are the benefits of selling Live Off-Site?

  • Quick sale.
  • No transportation cost.
  • Live Auctions (both on-site and online) generate excitement and a sense of urgency for buyers.

How does it work?

Contact J.J. Kane and authorize us to sell your equipment.

  • Items are inspected, images and equipment details regarding condition of the items are collected.
  • Be sure to include the owner’s, operator’s, parts/service and maintenance manuals with the item you are selling.
  • Seller determines level of interaction with buyer.
  • J.J. Kane advertises using multiple media channels to make items available to a world of buyers.
  • Note: Buyers are purchasing Live Off-Site items with the same terms as all other items in our auctions—As-is, Where-Is with No Guarantees.

A comparison

The following table shows a comparison of auctioning Live Off-Site items versus auctioning live at an auction site.

Live Off-Site


You sell items from your location, with no transport cost.
Transport and sell your items from an auction facility, along with other sellers’ items.
Buyer Inspection
Buyers use inspection reports and images to determine condition of items.
Buyers come to an auction yard to view your items and are assisted by J.J. Kane staff.
Auction Day
Buyers make their purchase online or at the auction yard.
Buyers make their purchase online or at the auction yard.
Buyer Pick-Up
Buyers pick up items from your location.
Buyers pick up items from an auction yard, with assistance from J.J. Kane staff.