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What Is Live Off-Site?

Live Off-Site Items

Although a particular auction site may be located far from you and you may not want to deal with transporting items from the auction location – we may have items selling very close to you!

That’s right! We sell used trucks, equipment, specialty pieces and more in conjunction with our regular weekly auctions, and some of those items are located in other parts of the country. We call these LIVE OFF-SITE items.

Don’t miss out on a deal that might be just what you’re looking need – right around the corner from you! Take a look and see what is available for sale LIVE OFF-SITE, selling remote, in upcoming auctions.

How Does It Work?

Find an item you are interested in and review the descriptions, reports, images, and videos posted online to determine the condition of the item. If you have questions or would like more information, click the “Request More Information” button next to the item and ask away…

Get registered for the sale, so you can bid:

  • Register to Bid Online – Click Here to get registered
  • Register to Bid On-Site – Simply show up with your ID and sign our terms and conditions. Be sure that you also understand payment terms. See the terms of the specific sale you are going to for more information
  • Register to Bid and Place an Absentee Bid – Contact a Local Sales Rep and place an absentee bid

When you are the successful high bidder, pay for the item and you will be instructed on how to pick up your purchase. Some sellers may be able to assist in loading or shipment/transportation of your purchases. Because this changes with each seller, make sure that you are aware of all of the pick-up details. Note: Buyers are purchasing Live Off-Site items with the same terms and conditions as all other items in our auctions—AS-IS, WHERE-IS with No Guarantees.


The following table shows a comparison of selling Live Off-Site versus selling in our standard live process.

Live Off-Site



Buyers make purchases of items not located at the live auction sale site.

Buyers are purchasing items located at the live auction sale site.

Buyer Inspection

Customers preview items by reviewing data and images, online.

Customers come to an auction yard to view items and are assisted by J.J. Kane staff.

Auction Day

Buyers make their purchase online or at the auction yard.

Buyers make their purchase online or at the auction yard.

Buyer Pick-Up

Buyer picks up their purchase from seller’s location, assistance in loading varies. Review item notes.

Buyer picks up their purchase from the auction yard, with assistance from J.J. Kane staff.

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