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Buying Information

We Have a Large Selection of Items

J.J. Kane sells used autos, trucks & equipment owned by governments, utility companies, contractors, manufacturers, lending institutions, and many other local, regional, and national fleets. We conduct auctions on a weekly basis and sell everything from heavy construction equipment to used cars, pickup trucks, vans and SUVs. Search our inventory to see what is coming up for auction this week.

We are Open to the Public

Our auctions offer direct access to the equipment and vehicles you need, for personal use or to run your business. Our auctions are Open To The Public! There are hundreds of other, dealer-only auctions across the country but J.J. Kane is different – you do no have to be a licensed dealer to buy at our auctions. Anyone can buy from us. You can connect directly with the sellers through J.J. Kane. We allow owners and buyers the ability to exchange equipment at a fair price.

Live On-Site & Online Items

We conduct live auctions at our facilities throughout the country. You are able to bid on these items both on site (in-person) or you can bid online. We also conduct timed, online only auctions. Online only auctions offer sellers the ability to sell without transportation costs and also offers buyers a wider selection of equipment from which to choose, near them.

Our Auctions are Absolute

J.J. Kane auctions are absolute, meaning that everything sells to the highest bidder, regardless of price. There are no minimums and no reserves at our absolute auctions, and owners are not allowed to bid on equipment they have consigned to the auction. The selling price is determined by the bidders participating in the auction, and no one else. You set the price!

When You’re the Winning Bidder…

  • On Site Items – When you are the winning bidder for items on-site, J.J. Kane will help you load your purchases or arrange for transportation, if required. All purchases are typically removed within 3 business days following the sale. Check the individual auction terms for more information.
  • Online Items – When you are the winning bidder for items in an online only sale, we will help you arrange for load-out and transportation based on where the equipment is located. All purchases are typically removed within 3 business days following the sale.