Buy Now! Items Available for Immediate Purchase

Buy Now - Mantis 14010 Track Crane

How is Buy Now different from buying at the auction?

Sometimes an auction method of selling is not right for the equipment owner. That is why J.J. Kane offers to market and advertise equipment through a process of a private, negotiated sale, called Buy Now, when an auction does not fit the needs of the equipment owner. J.J. Kane will help evaluate equipment and advise the seller about their best options for privately advertising and selling select items. If the owner decides to engage J.J. Kane, then we customize a marketing and advertising strategy based on the equipment and the needs of the owner, and we work to specifically connect with buyers for that item through a comprehensive digital and print advertising program.

Why would someone want to sell privately, instead of selling at public auction?

  • An item may be so unique that advertising and finding the right buyers becomes a special process that should use different methods than the ones we use when promoting an auction.
  • Right to reject offers – An owner may need to be able to consider offers and then decide whether to counter offer, accept, or reject all offers.
  • Some companies are not permitted to sell through an auction process (ex. lenders/banks) and we want to accommodate their needs.

Contact Us to Discuss a Private Sale

Contact us to determine if a private sale is right for you. J.J. Kane will map out a custom, modern marketing plan that fits your needs. Items can be advertised targeting a specific demographic, geography, industry and more. Examples of promotional channels we use are:
  • The J.J. Kane website
  • Product listing websites
  • Targeted email campaigns
  • Social media
  • Regional and national publications
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Behavioral marketing
  • Traditional print media
  • Telemarketing
  • Text messaging
  • And more; let’s talk…


Commission and advertising costs vary with the type of equipment being sold and with a seller’s needs. Contact us for a free, confidential evaluation.