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Used Tow and Rollback Trucks For Sale

Our auctions frequently feature specialty towing equipment and recovery trucks including roll-backs, tow trucks, car trailers, flatbed trailers, tilt deck trailers, gooseneck, enclosed trailers and more. Many of our sellers include local, regional and national fleets from utility companies, governments, contractors and lending institutions who are retiring some well-maintained items.

J.J. Kane auctions are absolute, meaning that only the bidders participating in the auction set the prices – no one else can influence the selling price. Sign up for updates and stay connected to find deals on the things you need to buy.

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  •  Villa Rica, GA - 04/27/2017 (1)
  •  Wright City, MO - 03/17/2017 (1)

  •  SC (1)
  •  GA (1)


  •  2008 (1)
  •  2005 (1)

  •  Freightliner (1)
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  •  M2 (1)
  •  4300 (1)

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  • Item Id:  85573
  • Description: Freightliner M2 Winch Truck ItemId:85573
  • Description: 2008 Freightliner M2 Winch Truck, Cummins 8.3L diesel, Auto, A/C, with bed winch, (17,275 miles (unverified))...
  • Lot Number: 
  • Sale Date:  04/27/17
  • Auction Location:  Villa Rica, GA
  • Physical Location:  Villa Rica, GA
  • Item Id:  107921
  • Description: International 4300 Ramp Truck ItemId:107921
  • Description: 2005 International 4300 Ramp Truck, DT466 diesel, 6-spd, A/C, with Up-N-Atom retriever body & bed winch, (Exempt from Odometer Disclosure - Reads 49,193 miles) (needs batteries, not running, condition unknown, towed in) (Read...
  • Lot Number: 
  • Sale Date:  03/17/17
  • Auction Location:  Online Only
  • Physical Location:  North Charleston, SC
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Total Records:2