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Our auctions often include used motorboats, sailboats, fishing boats, pontoon boats, trailers and other marine equipment which is offered at public auction. We’ve sold Donzi motorboats and more. Our consignors are governments, contractors, corporate fleets and private individuals who are selling items surplus to their needs. Sign up for our email notifications so you don’t miss a deal.

All of our auction sales are open to the public and you can buy online or buy in person at the auction. There are No Minimums and No Reserves at our auctions. The selling price is based on what bidders are willing to pay. With our auctions, you can grab a deal on the things you want to buy.

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  • Item Id:  1131398
  • Description:  ItemId:1131398
  • Description: 1996 Boat Trailer
  • Lot Number: 
  • Sale Date:  05/16/19
  • Auction Location:  Verona, KY
  • Physical Location:  Verona, KY

Lot Number: Item ID: 1131398 Physical Location: Verona, KY

Auction Location:  Verona, KY Sale Date: 05/16/19

Description: 1996 Boat Trailer