Fire & Rescue Trucks

Used Fire & Rescue Trucks For Sale at Public Auction

Used Fire & Rescue Trucks For Sale

We offer fire and rescue vehicles for sale direct from the owners as local governments replace their fleet of vehicles and equipment. These specialty items include tanker trucks, ladder trucks, ambulances and other support equipment. Typically, these items come from organizations who carefully repair and maintain their equipment and our public auctions offer you access to some great deals on these specialty items. Anyone can buy from us and you can buy online or in person.

The majority of this equipment is in good condition as it leaves local fleets. There are no minimums and no reserves at our auctions. The selling price is determined by you, the bidders participating in the auction and no one else. Equipment is added regularly. Sign up for equipment updates, so you don’t miss a bargain on the equipment you need.

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Phoenix 55 Ladder Truck ItemId:1148215
2001 Phoenix 55
  • Item Id: 1148215
  • Sale Date: 12/31/20
  • Equipment Location: Verona, KY
  • Description: Phoenix 55, 53 ft, Ladder Truck with 3 section hyd boom & two hyd outriggers, rear mounted on 2001 International 4700 Flatbed Truck, DT466E diesel, 7-spd