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Titles and Temporary Tags

If I purchase a vehicle, how do I get my title?

In most cases, once complete payment is made, the title is executed onsite in the name of your registration/title information.

Depending on the purchase location, you are either:

  1. Handed the title and pertinent paperwork needed to transfer the title into your name at the DMV.
  2. Your title will be processed by us and mailed directly to you via certified/overnight postage.

    This transaction must be completed within ten days of the auction or by legal state rules.

Note: In states where we are a dealer, a valid driver’s license of the name on the title is required. If the title is in a company name, the individual signing the title on behalf of the company must have a valid driver’s license.

What if I do not know what name I want on my title, can I leave it blank?

No title(s) are left blank. Every title that leaves our office is executed in its entirety.

Open titles are created when a seller signs the title over to the party that has purchased the vehicle, but the buyer information is left blank and ownership of the car is not transferred. Open titles are used in schemes referred to as title jumping or title skipping, both of which are illegal. Unknowing sellers and buyers that enter into transactions with this type of title may be subjected to a variety of risks, including liability for a vehicle that has already been sold and difficulties in transferring ownership after making a purchase.

Do you issue temporary tags/plates?

In most states, you are required by law to have a temporary tag or metal plate to drive your vehicle on public/state roads.

We currently issue temporary tags/plates in the “live sale only” states of California, Florida and Georgia.

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