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Fees and Taxes

Does it cost to register?

There is no registration fee at our auctions.

However, at our California location, there is a $500.00 refundable deposit. The deposit is refunded if you do not purchase and the fee is applied to your balance if you make a purchase.

Is there a buyer’s fee?

Our buyer’s fee in all states, with the exception of California, is 10%. In California, the buyer’s fee is variable and is currently 15%.

This fee does not include the additional charge if you purchase online via Proxibid.

Do you charge sales tax?

Yes, we are required to collect sales tax by law.

The tax may vary in each auction based on location and regulations. Tax is collected based on state rules both for titled and non-titled items, where sales tax is applicable.

What if I am tax exempt?

To be exempt from tax, you must bring a copy of your resale and dealer certificate as proof of exemption. We will review the exemption to determine if the state of purchase acknowledges the waiver.

In many cases, the state of purchase will require you to fill out another state-issued form.

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