Ingersoll-Rand XRT810E Yard Cart

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  • Item ID: 1153326
  • Lot Number: 2407A
  • Auction Date: 03/05/20
  • Auction Location: Concord, NC
  • Equipment Location: Concord, NC
Ingersoll-Rand XRT810E Yard Cart, battery powered
Category:Golf Cars And Yard Carts
Industry:Construction, Consumer, Electric Utility, Lighting and Signs, Telecommunications
Conditions / Miscellaneous:Ingersoll-Rand XRT810E Yard Cart, battery powered
Sale Date:03/05/2020
Start Time:07:30 AM
End Time:03:00 PM
Time Zone:America/New_York
Address:5555 Concord Parkway South Concord, NC 28026
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