SDP EZ-Hauler 2500

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  • Item ID: 1204612
  • Auction Date: 11/24/20
  • Auction Location: Birmingham, AL
  • Equipment Location: San Angelo, TX
SDP EZ-Hauler 2500, 2,500 Lb Back Yard Digger Derrick with 25 ft. sheave height, 3 section hyd boom, heel winch, digger motor and auger, 4 extra tires, mounted on Rubber Tired Back Yard Carrier, gas with 2009 SDP T/A Tagalong Support Trailer, Vin 1S958350090313196, (Runs, Moves & Aerial Operates, missing upper plate) (No Title for trailer)) (Reads 424 hours) *
Category:Backyard - Digger Derrick
Industry:Construction, Electric Utility, Lighting and Signs
Unit Make:SDP
Unit Model:EZ-Hauler 2500
Unit Body Description:Back Yard Digger Derrick
Body Description:Rubber Tired Back Yard Carrier
Optional Equipment:2009 SDP T/A Tagalong Support Trailer, Vin 1S958350090313196
Mounted:mounted on
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