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Used Digger Derrick For Sale – You Can Afford One!

Finding a used digger derrick truck for sale can sometimes be easy although the prices of these vehicles may dependent upon size, manufacturer, design, and functions. These trucks are multi-purpose, so they are often sold for a slightly higher amount of money. This should not be a deterrent to buyers because the prices are going to be widely divergent depending on many factors, so there should be several vehicles available that should suit the needs of many companies that are in the right price range. The first thing to consider when looking for a digger derrick is the budget. Sometimes it is difficult to purchase these vehicles as the purchase cost may be too high for the allotted budget. Again, there is no reason to be unduly worried as there are many sellers offering a digger for sale at an economical and affordable price. Another thing to consider when purchasing this vehicle is that it will probably need to be financed due to a high price tag. Find a Suitable Dealer Finding the right used digger derrick for sale can sometimes be a very challenging process. Many aspects must be considered when buying one of these vehicles including the quality, durability, reliability, maintainability, and most of all, the affordability of the truck. Quotes should be obtained from at least three different distributors to ensure that the price fits within the budget; however it is still imperative to choose quality equipment and not just base the decision on cost alone. In addition, some research will be necessary in order to find suitable manufacturers and dealers. Consider Auctions One option that should not be overlooked is the benefits to be gained at a heavy equipment auction. Sellers have many reasons to want a quicker option to selling a used digger derrick than what is usually available through dealers. Pricing is very appealing with this option as it is totally determined by the auction process. Most professional auction companies offer quality trucks and provide numerous appealing services to both buyers and sellers including vehicle repair and preparation prior the sale. Of course, any truck purchased from a heavy equipment auction comes in an ‘as-is’ status, so a careful review of the history of the vehicle certainly needs to be done. Acquire Financing An important step in the digger derrick truck purchase process is to secure financing. It may be better to put this step first in the process so the remaining focus can be on finding the best vehicle for what the budget is allowing. Hopefully the purchase of this truck will be creating additional work for the company which will translate into additional income. The extra money earned could be applied to the purchase of this vehicle, which should make financing more obtainable and probably at a better interest rate. Of course, if a great truck is found at a heavy equipment auction, the purchase price could be very pleasantly low. Many options are available to acquire a digger derrick. During the search process, it would be very beneficial to be prepared with all necessary knowledge and information about these vehicles in order to get the best deal possible and to find a vehicle that is high-quality, durable, and affordable. Often, the best method to be used in acquiring a digger for sale is through a heavy equipment auction and don’t worry, this makes that truck very affordable!

Used Digger Derrick Trucks – A Key Investment

Used digger derricks are regarded by utility and construction companies as a solid business investment.  Doubling as a truck mounted crane as well as a digging machine, capable of producing foundations, it does twice the work on the same chassis.

The Used Digger Derrick – A Versatile Investment

Prospective buyers in these industries should consider the many benefits offered by investing in used digger derrick trucks, as they will generate revenue by increasing company productivity and reducing the number of equipment assets needed to produce it.


The digging potential offered by a used digger derrick outnumbers other heavy machines and more traditional construction methods. Industrial augers allow versatile operations with models especially designed for hard rock or coral, dirt, slurry and high production commercial drilling along with a wide variety of boring accessories.


The machines themselves are complex and require rigorous adherence to safety regulations. Such effort will be beneficial when these units are put to work. As long as they are operated correctly and handled cautiously by workers, a high degree of productivity and safety can be assured.


Utility and construction companies use these trucks and find them indispensable in these types of operation. Penetrating soil and rock is practically impossible with manual labor; blasting with explosives is becoming increasingly unpopular due to the inherent risks involved. The introduction of a powerful digger derrick to a work site provides workers with a relatively safe and practical method of completing the construction work at hand. Utility companies and contractors are not the only ones who can benefit from investing in a used digger derrick truck. The strength and flexibility of these trucks can also be employed in urban areas where they are often used to build foundations as well as other road building operations. The vehicles fill an important function in colder climates, where they can drill through and remove thick layers of ice, allowing power poles to be replaced and power to be restored during winter storm outages.

A Key Equipment Asset

Digger derricks have become a key part of construction, providing drilling and digging services to a variety of industries. When handled by trained operators and used in accordance with safety regulations, they can effectively increase job site productivity and free up many work hours otherwise spent on manual labor. Specialized tools and accessories are available to adapt the vehicle for a wide range of purposes and environments, ranging from urban infrastructure maintenance to deep-level mining. Prospective buyers in the mining or construction business can benefit the possibilities available by investing in a truck of this kind, as finding a digger for sale can be a real money-making opportunity.Auction buyers need to carefully look over the items before placing a bid, and a reputable auction company should be willing to help them.  We’re here to help.  Ask us, if you need our assistance. Buying good used equipment does not have to become an expensive prospect. Purchasing from a J.J. Kane Public Auction is one way to buy what you need without paying for a brand new item. Our auction process is open and transparent. You have options, and purchasing a used digger derrick trucks for sale at J.J. Kane auctions is easy. Let us help you get the most out of the auction on sale day. Download our buyers guide and contact us if you have questions!

Used Digger Derrick Trucks – Rent or Buy?

A digger derrick is valuable piece of industrial equipment, and it is often the machine of choice for effective digging. While a key piece of equipment, the fact that it may only be used sporadically often leaves a company divided between renting or buying used digger derrick trucks. A digger derrick is valuable piece of industrial equipment, and it is often the machine of choice for effective digging. While a key piece of equipment, the fact that it may only be used sporadically often leaves a company divided between renting or buying used digger derrick trucks.

Owning A Used Digger Derrick

Advantages: One of the biggest advantages of owning equipment is the flexibility to use it at a moment’s notice, without the delay of arranging to rent it. Telecommunication and electric users cannot afford delays, so owning is usually the only practical solution.  Another advantage of equipment ownership is confidence in its condition. Undetected damage caused by a previous renter could put current renter at risk for substantial work delay or bill-backs. When your equipment is owned, you can be confident of its condition because your own repair and maintenance process has been followed. There should be few unpleasant surprises.  Another factor to consider in a purchase scenario is the tax implication of owning the equipment.  In some cases, the tax aspect is an advantage of purchase.

Disadvantages: While owning a digger derrick definitely has benefits, it also has some drawbacks. First is the high price tag of purchasing a digger derrick as well as maintenance cost. Owning one of these machines means that a company must shoulder expenses associated with both operation and maintenance in order to keep it in good condition.

Renting Equipment

Advantages: Renting a digger derrick has some advantages over ownership. The biggest one is that it can be used without the long-term financial commitment – monthly payments and maintenance costs. Businesses can rent and use the equipment as needed with thee only real expense being the rental fee. Disadvantages: One downside to renting is that if the equipment must be used on a regular basis, the cost of continually re-renting will eventually overcome any savings versus ownership. A monthly rental rate is higher than a monthly purchase expense (lease payment).  Unless the machine is readily available or booked ahead of time, renting may result in work stoppage or delays due to unavailability.

Important Considerations

Choosing between renting and owning a used digger derrick truck comes down to two important considerations:
  • Usage Frequency – Businesses that use digger trucks often may greatly benefit from owning one because renting will eventually become expensive and therefore impractical. For businesses that only use this truck on an occasional basis, there is no point investing in a machine that costs tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for intermittent use.
  • Financial and Logistics – The financial and logistical capacity of a business to purchase and maintain such equipment. Digger derricks are an expensive piece of machinery and maintaining them is costly as well. Businesses considering purchasing one must first determine their ability to pay for the equipment as well as the cost of maintenance. If the financial risk seems too great, it would be better to rent.
Some companies may find it helpful to rent, while others will reap the most benefits by purchasing used digger derrick trucks.

Let us help you make the best decision for you and your company.  We are glad to help estimate values of used equipment, and support you as you evaluate options.  Contact us if we can assist.

Which Type of Equipment Auction Fits Your Needs?

Working with an auction company (whose job is to resell used cars and trucks, used construction equipment and utility equipment) can be a great way to find a wide variety of good used equipment at a value. While the auction concept of trading has not changed much since being created during the Roman Empire, technical advancements now allow everyone more ways to buy and sell surplus including online auctions, timed auctions and more. Let’s look at some of the types of auction setups buyers may see.

Auction Ramp Sale

At this kind of event, participants are stationary and each individual piece of equipment is driven up on a ramp in front of the bidders. At the auctioneer’s cue, bidding commences and the item is sold.  Keep in mind that although seating may be comfortable, you are paying for it.  Multi-million dollar facilities with dozens of employees conducting the sale, driving the equipment, etc comes at a cost to buyers and sellers.

Walk-Around Auction Sale

As the name implies, in this kind of auction, bidding is done where the equipment is positioned on the auction yard and both auctioneers and customers move through the auction yard during the sale.  As one item is sold, the item next to it is offered for sale by the auctioneer. Perhaps less convenient, it is often necessary for some types of machinery to be stationary. Another reason for a walk-around sale is to reduce the overall cost of setting up and conducting an auction.  Many times, a walk-around auction will end up being less costly for all participants.

Live Online Auction Sale

Used equipment online auctions take place exactly like a live physical event except that buyers are able to place bids via the internet. In order to join in, a participant must be logged into an auction website at a specified date and time. When live bidding  stops, the winning bidder is immediately announced by the auctioneer. The advantage of this bidding method is that a buyer can participate from almost anywhere without having to be present on site, placing bids in a crowded room while making on-the-spot decisions.  Some buyers like that physical atmosphere; but if you do not, then online bidding is for you.  In this format, however, there is still a potential need to visit the equipment location or send a reliable mechanic to inspect machinery before bidding.

Timed Auction Sale

In a timed event, the auction may extend over many days before an item is pronounced “sold”.   In order to take part, a participant must be registered on an auction website. Once a bidding session begins, participants enter the highest amount they are willing to pay for the lot.  Bidding proceeds by an automated process and notification of the winning bid is announced at the end of the event. Ebay is a notable example of the timed auction format.  Timed auctions can be advantageous because of convenience. Participants are not required to attend a physical event in order to take part and, unlike live virtual bidding, do not necessarily have to be in front of a computer to participate. A potential buyer simply needs to enter a bid and wait for the system to declare the winner.
  • A key disadvantage of a timed sale process is “what if I need it now?”  If a buyer needs an item, they may not be able to wait until the timed auction ends to know if they have won the item or not.  Additionally, if the buyer is not successful, they have to re-start their equipment search, and they have lost all the time involved in the timed sale process.  They may not want to wait that amount of time, while not knowing the outcome.
Surplus used construction equipment and vehicles are readily available for purchase at auctions.  The general public can take advantage of public auctions to make a purchase directly from the fleet owner, rather than pay a marked-up price.  Consider your options, and if you have questions please contact us.

Selling & Buying at A Heavy Construction Equipment Auction Makes Sense

Acquiring a new piece of construction equipment so that a business can increase productivity and efficiency can involve a large expense. For many buyers, a heavy construction equipment auction provides them exactly what they need – good used equipment and vehicles which they can buy direct from the current owners. Let’s review a few advantages the auction sale venue can provide.

Why Auctions Make Sense

  • Convenience – Reselling used heavy equipment and machinery can be very challenging. Owners often have a hard time selling used equipment at a fair price, and as a result may suffer depreciation losses. A fast, simple process which connects buyers and sellers is a heavy construction equipment auction.
  • Advertising Effectiveness – At a well run auction, the items being offered for sale have been presented to many prospective buyers through many different types of advertising media. Sellers want a maximum number of bidders and use extensive media marketing strategies such as social media, print, digital, radio and other mediums are required to connect with buyers who need what is being sold.
  • Faster Disposition – More people are becoming better educated about this method of trade and marketing. Most owners who send used machinery to an auction house know the auctioneers will do a proper job; buyers have been notified through effective marketing techniques and are informed of what will be offered for sale. So these heavy equipment auctions guarantee a faster disposition of this type of machinery than some other methods.
  • Strategies – The strategy for selling hard-to-move units by auctioning is very diverse and could include live and online auctions or a combination of both. Sometimes a timed auction listing may be needed, to allow more advertising to direct buyers to the item, over a longer period of time.
  • Absolute Auction Value – In this kind of setting, with no minimums or reserves, buyers see the real possibility that they can get a machine at  great bargain. The seller’s desire is to get the maximum return possible for each item.
  •  Auctioneers – Reputable and highly skilled agents make the entire bidding process easier by helping buyers make good decisions which is achieved by helping clients understand the marketing policies of the auction company. All equipment is prepared to be sold under the careful scrutiny of trained equipment mechanics so that prospective bidders know that the machinery presented for bidding has been properly reconditioned and thoroughly inspected, making them worth the price being paid.

Equipment Auctions

Overall, heavy construction equipment auctions give both buyers and sellers a feeling of confidence, particularly when an auction company has an excellent reputation. The sellers’ (equipment owners’) reputation also makes an impact, when corporate and private fleets are known to take excellent care of their equipment. Buyers will seek out that equipment because they feel like it will be in better condition than equipment from other sources. The auction sale method makes the entire process fast, easy, and efficient! J.J. Kane auctions offer more options when selling or buying equipment.  Our auction process is open and transparent.  Let us help you get the most out of the auction on sale day.

Will Online Auctions Work for Me?

An auction is a great venue for purchasing inexpensive, used construction equipment; however, if there is not a nearby event, the next option is to find online auctions featuring equipment. It is almost identical to the live version except that bidders view the items and place bids via the internet. An online auction refers to bidding on an item over the internet; there are two different approaches as to how this is done.

Types of Online Auctions:

  • Live Online Auctions – Similar to a live event, participants bid over the internet in this sales venue. The auctioneer sets a day and time for the event and participants must be online at that particular time in order to place a bid. Participants compete in real time and winners are immediately announced.
  • Timed Online Auctions – The first approach is a timed event. As the name implies, the sale takes place over a span of time that is determined by the seller. This is the format on popular websites like eBay and Craigslist. Interested participants can place bids within a particular time frame; when the allotted time runs out, the highest bidder is automatically announced as the winner.


Purchasing equipment from companies who auction used construction equipment online may seem like a last resort if remotely located from a physical venue; however, this is not true as this venue offers several advantages to those who prefer to bid online rather than by conventional means.
  • Convenience – Traditionally, purchasing from a live event means searching for one and then being there physically on the specified date and time. While this may work for some, many interested participants would have to spend time and money to get there, which is impractical considering there is no guarantee that a purchase will be made. Via the internet, participants can look for many different event dates and join from any location, making it a convenient option.
  • Variety – Equipment sold at one particular event can be limited, resulting in either buying a certain make or model that may not having been a first choice or even skipping the event entirely as nothing was available that was even close to what was desired. The internet offers a wide variety of machinery because of the many online auctions. Interested parties can choose the make, model, specifications, and condition, and then purchase the equipment that best suits such needs.
  • Atmosphere –  The internet is the perfect connection for individuals who do not want to experience the intense competitiveness of a live, physical auction sale.

Bidding Tips

While purchasing from an online auction has advantages, there are also a few things to remember to achieve success:
  • Reputation – Always check the background of any company hosting the event before making any deals. Verify their existence by using all posted contact details.
  • Vehicle Condition – Before bidding on any equipment, have an expert inspect it to determine condition. Most auctions have an “as-is, where-is” policy, so quality should be determined before purchasing.
  • Added Expenses – Find out if there is a buyer’s premium added to the sale and if so, how much and factor this into the total price so an established budget is not exceeded.
  • Buyers’ Guide – Check the various pricing guides and never bid beyond what is indicated as fair market value.
Companies who auction used construction equipment online offer a great service through which you may purchase equipment. It is convenient and provides a wide variety of age, make & models. Most who try this type of auction find that an online auction is indeed a great way to purchase used equipment!

Why Your Farm Needs A Digger Derrick

The Digger Derrick – The Most Versatile Tool on the Farm.

Brought to you by minds like those who imagined the crescent-hammer, bailing wire and duct tape. In the world of agriculture, you have to be innovative and flexible.  Allow us introduce you to a tool that can help you be just that, as you solve the problems encountered in modern-day farming, the digger derrick. You may have seen a used digger derrick, but you probably did not pay much attention to it.  A used digger derrick is truly versatile and can fill many roles, in the same way your backhoe is often used for a wide range of tasks. The best part? This digger derrick is affordable! See all the used digger derricks we have for sale.

A True Combination Tool!

A digger derrick is the multi-tool of mobile equipment, packed with features from several equipment-types.  A digger derrick provides:
  • High-Capacity Crane (up to 20,000#).
  • Digger for drilling holes in the earth up to 30” diameter
  • Hydraulic power system to operate your implements, tools and attachments
  • Air compressor
  • “Man lift” (to raise yourself and work at heights up to 45’)
  • Dry storage bins to carry tools and material
  • Flatbed truck bed to transport large loads
  • Huge towing capacity to move implements and equipment

Easily Dig Holes

digger derrick easily digs the holes you need toThe digger and auger portion of this equipment creates holes just like you see the power company dig when setting a power pole.  The digger derrick can be used to dig and place deep corner posts for your fence line or poles for your next pole barn.  It’s designed to dig holes quickly, and easily.  The digger is attached to the large boom, and it is that boom that serves as your crane.  Derricks have large capacities, averaging a 15,000# lifting capability. It is that same digger boom that is used to lift items into position, like your fence posts and poles.

Hydraulic Power For Your Tools

digger derrick hydraulics power your implements and toolsThe digger and boom are powered by a PTO driven hydraulic system, from a truck transmission.  It’s a proven way to operate hydraulics, and one that us familiar and easy to use.  That same system is your own power source for operating implements, tools and accessories that are common in agriculture!  Quick-disconnect fittings can be used to easily connect to the portable power system on the truck.  Many well maintained derrick units are installed on International Trucks with the DT466 engine, which is a great product and something many farms are familiar with, making maintenance a breeze.

Compressed Air, Towing and Hauling

digger derrick truck air system can power your toolsThe truck, itself, has some features direct from the truck manufacturer that can help you – if you realize they are there. For example, digger derrick trucks normally have air brakes and that brake system can be your source of compressed air when necessary! Towing capabilities are also built into the truck, so consider the fact that the truck has a large capacity you can use to move equipment. Many digger derricks include flatbed bodies, so you essentially have a flatbed truck for the transportation of large cargo.

Carry Your Repair Supplies With You

digger derricks offer tons of dry storage for your tools and materialFarm equipment often requires repair and maintenance, and the digger derrick truck serves well in the role of a mechanic’s truck.  A heavy duty crane will lift and service your equipment in the field, while carrying the tools and material you need to complete the work.  All digger derricks will have some amount of body bins, which provide dry storage for tools and material, to enable keeping the things you need to do your job close at hand.

Transform Into a Bucket Truck For Aerial Work

digger derrick converts into a man lift or bucket truckA final feature of many digger derricks is that some provide the ability to pin a fiberglass bucket on the boom, transforming the boom into a “man-lift” similar to a “bucket truck”.  With the bucket pinned onto the boom, you can position yourself at heights up to 45’, and use the equipment to work at those heights.  Repairing a grain leg, cleaning gutters, trimming trees, hanging lights and many more tasks are made easier.

You Can Afford One

digger derrick has huge lifting capacity to 35 feetUsed digger derricks in good condition can be purchased in the $10,000 to $20,000 price range, and would be approximately 15 years old, in that price range.  The key to making a good purchase is to look for one that has been well maintained.  J.J. Kane sells used digger derricks from power companies, and those groups see that the equipment is well maintained and ready to work, so they can keep your lights on.  If you are buying one that has been in a fleet like that, you can feel comfortable it is in good condition and is likely ready to continue working for you.  Before buying, do your homework.  Understand the market and the items condition.  Just contact us and ask.  We are here to help!
See all the used digger derricks we have for sale.  J.J. Kane sells hundreds of good used digger derricks and more equipment at public auction, with locations near you. Other sources of good used digger derricks are Dealers, and also the local power companies who use them.  Your local Electric Membership Cooperative sometimes sells equipment to their members, so investigate that possibility. Call 811 Before You Dig; you never know what’s beneath you.  Fall protection is something you definitely need, when you use the digger boom as a “bucket truck”, so use a harness and lanyard that meet safety requirements before getting airborne, yourself. Be sure you follow the guidelines in equipment operations and maintenance manual. Now that you have a new tool to employ, we want you to work safely. J.J. Kane auctions offer a fair and open process, and we do not have minimums or reserves at our auctions.  Let us help you save money as you buy the equipment you need.  Download our Buyer’s Guide, and get the most out of the auction on sale day.  We’re here to help.

3 Things You Need To Know About Used Digger Derrick Trucks

Many methods, tools and techniques can be used to bore into the ground. One method is a used digger derrick. This powerful machine is essentially a boom truck (crane truck) which also includes a large motor and auger which is driven into the ground through rotation. Digger derricks are commonly used by power line line, telecommunications and construction industries. The rotating hex-shaft auger is specifically designed to penetrate hard soil and dirt and convey broken and loose material out of the ground.  Digger derricks offer a fast, effective  method for boring holes. The key feature of a digger derrick truck is the auger.

Basics, Uses, and Advantages of Digger Derrick Trucks

  • Hydraulic Motor and Auger – Augers are the most vital component of digger trucks; without them; the device would not perform its designated mission. It would simply be a boom truck (crane truck).  Auger drills are considered as mechanized hole diggers because of the design of the auger flights, which causes loosened debris to move out of the hole that is being drilled. In order to serve its primary function, the machine needs a power supply (typically a combustion engine) to power the hydraulic system which provides the energy to rotate the digger’s auger and remove the material. This specialized mobile digging equipment is essential to many industries because of the speed and efficiency of its performance.
  • Uses of Digger Trucks – Normally, a digger derrick is a mobile device with a digger derrick mounted on a truck chassis. It is extremely large due to the physical dimensions and heavy weight of the attached boom pedestal and booms, and the hydraulic motor, auger and accessories. The digger truck has a powerful engine to multiply the torque and control the hydraulic system, which in turn directs the rotational capacity of the auger.  Generally, these vehicles can be seen roadside boring into the ground, replacing utility poles or digging holes for concrete foundations for street light poles, and (when combined with a pin-on bucket  – transforming it into a bucket truck, too) trimming tree branches overhanging power lines. In construction, the auger is deployed to dig holes for deep building foundation piles. With the advent of this innovative technology, the old way of hole making has been replaced with the versatility of this mighty machine.
  • Advantages – There are many advantages to using this drilling method. Its process is cost-efficient, simple to operate with the right training, has a rapid rate of penetration and is easy to maintain.

Summary: Used Digger Derrick

Digger trucks should only be operated by properly trained personnel who have completed required training as mandated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and in accordance with manufacturer instructions. Users should adhere to strict compliance with safety standards while operating this vehicle. Digger derricks are vital tools in performing meaningful applications and have made the process of digging effortless, quick, and safe. This all-around equipment can serve as a remedy to many existing problems of various industries associated with the creation of a pit or hole for different purposes and industries such as utility, construction, mining, and petroleum. While most types of hydraulic machines have specific functions, the function of digger trucks is to dig up the ground!

You have options, but purchasing a used digger derrick truck for sale or any other items at J.J. Kane auctions is easy. Our auction process is open and transparent.  Let us help you get the most out of the auction on sale day.

3 Things To Know – Used Bucket Trucks Can Improve Your Business

The used bucket truck, commonly known as a “cherry picker,” is a renowned type of industrial equipment. Since its development, it has set high standards for aerial-related activities; this is why it is used by so many industries as a primary means to achieve the required elevation for various aerial applications. Used bucket trucks can be purchased new, which is very expensive. They can also be purchased, used, in other more cost effective formats such as a used bucket truck auction.

How Can A Bucket Truck Can Help Your Business?

  • Versatility- The bucket truck started out as a machine for orchard harvesting, hence the commonly used name, cherry picker. It is now most commonly used by utility line companies, although there are also other applications for this versatile vehicle. For example, arborists rely on it to reach tree branches with ease. It is also used by videographers and photographers to get a bird’s-eye view of an area. Construction workers employ it for working in various aerial activities, such as installing exterior glass panels, changing lights, constructing electric and telecommunications lines, etc. Used bucket trucks can be used for multiple applications as long as it meets any working height and weight capacity requirements.
  • Advantages – Before the development of this mighty machine, workers had to rely on wooden ladders, scaffolding, and rope systems. While such equipment can certainly do a job, it is a very unsafe method upon which to rely. Improper ladder placement, poor scaffolding construction, and weak ropes can make the work extremely dangerous. One wrong move and a worker could wind up with bruises and broken bones – or worse.The bucket truck is a much more stable system than any of these other methods. Since its development, various safety features have been added to make the equipment even safer to use. Modern bucket trucks are equipped with outriggers to aid stability, fall arrest systems, emergency override controls, insulation to help reduce dangers of electrocution, and tilt monitors to help in setting up the machine properly, to prevent overturning the equipment.The use of bucket trucks has also greatly improved worker efficiency. Without such equipment, workers would have to deal with the exhausting task of climbing in order to get to the required location to conduct their work. With equipment such as those sold at a used cherry picker sale, getting to the right height only requires a maneuver on the controls, which allows workers to get more work done in much less time, with less effort.
  • Responsibilities – To borrow the quote from Voltaire that “with great power comes great responsibility,” the use of this equipment also comes with a huge responsibility. Although the bucket truck has improved the safety and efficiency of aerial jobs, workers also have a responsibility to operate the truck safely; the slightest mistake could result in property damage or serious injuries. For this reason, OSHA has mandated that bucket truck operators and workers undergo proper training to learn about the correct use of this equipment, its limitations, and any involved dangers.
As a multipurpose piece of equipment, vehicles purchased from a used bucket truck sale have huge potential to help business owners increase profits because they can be used for so many applications. Safety and work efficiency can also be improved, making them a valuable business asset. To realize their full potential, workers must undergo proper training and follow manufacturers’ guidelines. Then, they will be ready to demonstrate what a bucket truck can do for a business.

Want to Learn More About Used Bucket Trucks?

Do you have questions about used bucket trucks for sale or general questions about buying at our auctions?  Contact us and ask questions – we are glad to help. Let us help you get the most out of the auction on sale day.

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