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Top 5 Items in our October 12th South Beloit, IL Auction

Join us on Saturday, October 12th at our auction in South Beloit, IL. With over 500 items in our inventory, there’s a wide variety of vehicles and equipment available to meet your needs. Take a look at our top picks that will be sold to the highest bidder on auction day!

2016 Ford Transit 350This 2016 Ford Transit 350 van is a rare find. With only 24,883 miles, this vehicle is sure to create some buzz.

2012 Vermeer D9x13 Directional DrillCheck out this 2012 Vermeer D9X13 Series II directional drill with 2,181 hours of use. Perfect for installing underground pipelines, conduit and cables, this directional boring machine is likely to sell quickly.

2009 Ditch Witch XT1600 ExcavatorLooking for an excavator for your construction project? This 2009 Ditch Witch XT1600 excavator has multi-purpose functionality in a compact design, which combines the benefits of a trencher, cable plow and a backhoe attachment. With 3,194 hours of use, this ride-on crawler excavator is sure to be a hot item.

2015 Chevrolet Trax IS SuvThis 2015 Chevrolet Trax lS SUV is a can’t-miss item. With 84,062 miles, this SUV is sure to go quickly.

2005 TSE DP-20-4H Practical and useful, don’t miss out on this 2005 TSE DP-20-4H trailer! Some features include a 4-Drum pilot line winder, Yanmar diesel and a pulling rope. Trailers are a hot auction item, and this one isn’t expected to stick around for long. Be sure to place your winning bid at the auction this Saturday!

Browse our full inventory here. Can’t make it to the auction? You can bid live online.

Where Do Auction Vehicles and Equipment Come From?

Knowing where auction equipment and vehicles come from can be incredibly valuable to the buyer. Many fleet owners and sellers use auctions hosted by a reputable third party. These auction events appeal to buyers who are looking for well-maintained equipment and a chance to grab a deal. Auctions provide easy access to equipment and vehicles that buyers need for work or home.

J.J. Kane Can Meet Your Needs

At J.J. Kane, we have an abundance of used equipment and vehicles available for you to purchase, direct from the owners. The majority of auction inventory comes from companies who have surplus equipment and vehicles that they no longer need. Frequent sellers include Danella, Duke Energy, Florida Power and Light Company, National Grid, Pacific Gas and Electric, Rural Electric Cooperatives, Municipal Governments, and more. These organizations provide surplus and retiring equipment which we review and then place into an auction. Other auction sellers include small business owners, contractors, investor-owned utilities, telephone and cable TV companies or anyone else that needs to sell their vehicles or equipment.

Why This is Good for You

Many auction consignors replace their equipment and vehicles on a regular schedule to maintain consistency in their fleets. Doing so enables them to focus on their core, whether that be delivering electric power, building construction, or providing government services. These groups use our auctions to sell their equipment and vehicles in a fast and efficient manor. In turn, this provides the perfect opportunity for auction buyers to purchase some good quality equipment and vehicles at a price that doesn’t break the bank!

We make it easy for you to buy the items you need through either live auctions or through online auctions, as well as a “buy-now” format for select equipment and vehicles.

Interested in selling your vehicles or equipment through J.J. Kane? Read more details about the selling process here.

Top 5 Items in our September 26th Verona, KY Auction

We are excited for our live auction this Thursday, September 26th in Verona, KY! With over 500 items selling, we are certain that you will find the vehicle or piece of equipment that you’ve been searching for. Check out our top five picks that will be sold to the highest bidder (regardless of price) in this public absolute auction!

2017 Ford Escape 4x4 SUVThis 2017 Ford Escape 4X4 SUV has only 41,512 miles. It will make a great looking and spacious addition to any garage. With it’s gorgeous exterior and low mileage, it is sure to be a best seller.

2004 Altec AM55 Bucket Truck CrawlerNeed a bucket truck to handle rough terrain? We’ve got you covered with this 2004 Altec AM55 bucket truck crawler. With its large tracks and over-center material handling two-man bucket, this specialty machine is sure to get the job done.

2015 Polaris Ace 570 4X4Hot commodity alert! With only 748 miles, this fun 2015 Polaris Ace 570 4X4 is bound to be a hot item on everyone’s radar.

1988 Four Winns Open Bow Fibergalss BoatWant to hit the lake or beach one last time before Fall weather arrives? If so, this 1988 Four Winns 16’ Open Bow Fiberglass Boat is the perfect item for you!

New Holland TS6030 4X4 TractorThis New Holland TS6030 4X4 Tractor is bound to be one of the hottest items at Thursday’s sale. If you’re looking for a great utility tractor, this piece of equipment has great features such as PTO, a 3-point hitch, a front winch & ROPS with sweeps.

These are just a few picks from our large inventory selling this Thursday in Verona, KY. To browse our full inventory, click here. Bid on-site or live online!

Top 5 Items in our September 14th Rome, NY Auction

This Saturday, September 14th is our auction in Rome, NY! With over 300 items of inventory, we are sure that you will find the vehicle or piece of equipment you are looking for. Check out our top picks that will be sold to the highest bidder regardless of price in this public absolute auction!

2015 Ford F550 4x4This 2015 Ford F550 4×4 flatbed truck with a shockingly low 19,873 miles will be a best seller in this auction. Transport building materials or haul equipment with this efficient vehicle.

2013 GMC G1500 Cargo VanWith only 59,711 miles, this 2013 GMC G1500 Cargo Van is a great transportation solution for business or personal use. Sure to be a hot commodity in our Rome, NY sale, this van has plenty of room to store and move materials.

2006 Altec DM45-TR Digger DerrickThis Altec DM45-TR Digger Derrick mounted on a 2006 Freightliner M2 has only 34,938 miles and is a great find for anyone in the electric, telecommunications or construction industries. Due to its popularity, this piece of heavy equipment is likely to sell very quickly at Saturday’s auction.

2010 JLG G1055A Material HandlerThis 2010 JLG G1055A 4×4 rough terrain telehandler has only 529 hours of use. Commonly used on agriculture and construction jobs, this useful piece of equipment features a boom and operates more like a crane than a forklift.

2011 Vermeer RTX550 TrencherThis 2011 Vermeer RTX550 trencher will be a hot item in this auction. This piece of earthmoving equipment has only 115 hours of use and would be a great asset to any construction or utility job site!

These are just a few of our staff picks in the large public absolute auction in Rome, NY this Saturday starting at 9:00 am EDT. Browse our full inventory here. Can’t make it to the auction site? No worries, you can bid live online.

Difference between Government and Absolute Auctions

What’s the difference? Government and Absolute Auctions

For buyers and sellers alike, auctions are an exciting event. Popular with a diverse array of individuals, J.J. Kane hosts both government and absolute auctions. Knowing the differences between each auction can help you make sure you are getting the maximum value out of your purchase.

Government Auctions

Government agencies routinely sell or exchange their surplus items in public auctions where anyone can buy them. Most of the time, government auctions are held online and include used cars, trucks, police cruisers, ambulances, recycling equipment and more. A key advantage of purchasing from a government auction is that these vehicles have typically been fleet maintained.

Absolute Auctions

Absolute auctions are similar but feature different products and purchasing guidelines. The most important thing to know about these auctions is that there is no minimum purchase price. When the sale occurs, the item will automatically go to the highest bidder.

Getting the Most out of your Purchase

Auctions can be complex. However, once you understand the type of auction system you are taking part in, you can receive many advantages. For example, with an absolute auction, bidders have the chance to get an item for a much lower price than they could have originally.

For more information on J.J. Kane and all of our auctions, call (855) 462-5263 or contact a J.J. Kane representative online.

Top 5 Items in our August 22nd Villa Rica, GA Auction

This Thursday, August 22nd is our auction near Atlanta, GA! With over 600 items of inventory, we are sure that you will find the vehicle or piece of equipment you are looking for. Check out our top picks that will be sold to the highest bidder regardless of price in this public absolute auction!

2018 Chevrolet EquinoxThis fresh 2018 Chevrolet Equinox SUV with only 34,448 miles will have you riding in style! With up to 39 MPG on the highway, this newer model compact sport utility vehicle will be a top seller.

2015 Chevrolet C2500HDIn the need of a new service or utility truck? This 2015 Chevrolet C2500HD Crew-Cab with only 104,350 miles is at your service! Don’t miss out on placing the winning bid for this vehicle which places emphasis on both looks and functionality.

2011 Altec DL45-BCThis corner mounted Altec DL45-BC Digger Derrick is every utility worker’s dream! Mounted on a 2011 Freightliner M2 with only 24,759 miles, someone will be driving off the lot happy.

2014 Altec AA755-MH Bucket TruckYou won’t want to miss this stunning 2014 Altec AA755-MH Bucket Truck. With features including a two-man bucket and only 46,692 miles, this piece of machinery is sure to get the job done.

2015 Terex R070TThis 2015 Terex R070T Mini Crawler Skid Steer with only 1,271 hours of use is a must have for any construction job. This piece of equipment can be used for landscaping and site development.

These are just a few of our staff picks in the large upcoming live public auction located in Villa Rica, GA this Thursday, August 22nd starting at 8:30 am EDT. Browse our full inventory here. Can’t make it to the auction site? No worries, you can bid live online!

Top 5 Items in our August 17th Plymouth Meeting, PA Auction

This Saturday, August 17th is our auction near Philadelphia, PA! With over 900 items of inventory, we are sure that you will find the vehicle or piece of equipment you are looking for. Check out our top picks that will be sold to the highest bidder regardless of price in this public absolute auction!

2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid SedanOne happy customer will drive home with this 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid! The Toyota Camry is known for its key attributes of being both durable and reliable. With a 4.5/5 rating on cars.com, this 39 mpg highway hybrid sedan with only 70,628 miles will be a sought after vehicle.

2008 GMC C2500HDIn the market for a clean looking pickup truck? Look no further than this 2008 GMC C2500HD! With a shockingly low mileage of just 43,394 miles, someone is sure to score big at this auction!

2009 Case 580M Series 3This 2009 Case 580M Series 3 Tractor Loader Extendahoe is a must have for any construction site. Dirt doesn’t stand a chance against this earthmover! With only 1,906 hours of use, this item will be crowd pleaser.

2015 Rayco C100R Wood ChipperThis 2015 Rayco C100R forestry mulcher is a great find! This tree care item is the answer if you’re looking for a purpose-built mulcher but need the versatility of rubber tracks. Don’t miss the chance to call it your own!

2013 National 456B CraneThis 2013 National 456B, 10-ton hydraulic crane mounted on a 2013 Volvo VHD flatbed with only 39,240 miles is an essential for getting the job done! It is an essential for a variety of construction, utility and lights and signs projects.

These are just a few of our staff picks in the large upcoming live public auction located in Plymouth Meeting, PA this Saturday, August 17th starting at 8:30 am. Browse our full inventory here. Can’t make it to the auction site? No worries, you can bid live online!

What Is An Absolute Auction?

In today’s marketplace, there are many different types of auctions, and each one has different methods and procedures. Before a buyer or seller engages in any auction, it is important that he or she knows which type of auction they are dealing with.

At J.J. Kane, we operate using an absolute auction system. Our auctions are open to the public and take place in both online and on-site locations.

Absolute Auction Characteristics

  • Bidding starts at $0.
  • There is no minimum bid.
  • The item for sale is awarded to the individual with the highest bid.

Absolute auctions are very popular because they are simple yet provide benefits to both buyers and sellers. Due to the lack of a starting price and a minimum bid, these auctions are appealing for buyers looking to get a good deal on the equipment offered.

On the other had, sellers enjoy the process of absolute auctions because it allows them to sell their used equipment quickly and easily. It is a win-win scenario to everyone involved, and J.J. Kane hopes to provide an enjoyable absolute auction experience to all of its customers.

For more information about our auction process and what to expect please visit our FAQ page.

The Top 5 Items in our August 3rd Shrewsbury, MA Auction

This Saturday, August 3rd is our auction near Boston, MA! With over 500 items of inventory, we are sure that you will find the vehicle or piece of equipment you are looking for. Check out our top items that will be sold to the highest bidder regardless of price in this absolute auction!

2008 Ford F450 4x4 Dump TruckInterested in a dump truck that is will make your life easier and will help transport and haul all of your materials? Be sure to place a bid on this 2008 Ford F450 4X4 Dump Truck that only reads 60,842 miles!

2012 Altec AA755 Bucket TruckClean and pristine, our 2012 Altec AA755 Bucket Truck will go fast! This material-handling bucket truck only reads an impressive 47,230 miles. A valuable piece of Altec’s aerial equipment, these top-of-the-line features are mounted on a lightly-used 2012 Ford F750. Take home this conventional option with you this Saturday.

2014 Dodge W2500HDIf you’re in search of a classic pickup that suits your everyday needs, the 2014 Dodge W2500HD might be the truck for you. This four-wheel drive truck only reads 135,099 miles and has even more life left in it for a lucky bidder.

2009 Bandit Industries 1690 Wood ChipperThis 2009 Bandit Industries 1690 trailer mounted chipper looks like a great find and will surely be a hot seller in this auction! This type of chipper is a staple for most tree care jobs.

2013 Terex PT-30 Skid Steer LoaderGrab this popular skid steer loader that will get the job done with its quick-attach general purpose bucket and auxiliary hydraulics. The 2013 Terex PT-30 will be yet another great option up for bids at our Shrewsbury auction.

This is just a short list of some of the great finds in our Shrewsbury, MA auction this Saturday, August 3rd. Browse the full inventory here.

The Top 5 Items in our July 25 – 26th, Charlotte, NC Auction

This Thursday and Friday, July 25 – 26th is our Charlotte, North Carolina auction that we have been preparing for! We couldn’t be any more excited to see you there and get the equipment you need. Take a look at the following top picks from this week’s auction.

2017 National 437B CraneIn search of a crane with low mileage and convenience? This 2017 National 437B Hydraulic Crane only reads 3,934 miles and is an essential for heavy lifting and smooth transportation.

2012 Condor CTA-1041 Bucket TruckThis articulating and telescopic material handling bucket truck supplies all your wants and more! Our 2012 Condor CTA-1041 Bucket Truck only has 20,493 miles and is in excellent condition.

2016 GMC Yukon XL SLTLooking for a car that checks off all of the boxes? This lightly used 2016 GMC Yukon XL SLT 4X4 SUV is sleek and versatile, plus, it only has 100,362 miles on it.

2007 Kenworth T300The 2007 Kenworth T300 is the ideal truck for mechanics. The service truck includes a Stellar 10628 material crane, an American Eagle SRS-65 hydraulic air compressor and a hose reel.

2013 Argo XTI 8X8 You can blaze trails and cruise the swamps in this exciting 2013 Argo XTI 8×8 Amphibious ATV! This is no doubt one of the coolest items in our Charlotte, NC auction.

All of the above options and more will be up for bidding in just a few days. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. Can’t make it to the live auction? You can bid online! Browse all of inventory in this sale here.

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