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The Top 5 Items in our July 20th, South Beloit, IL Auction

With over 400 items in inventory, we can assure you that there is the perfect piece of equipment to fit your needs. Take a look at some of the following top items that will be available!

2002 John Deere 44H One of the most popular items in the South Beloit auction by far will be this 2002 John Deere 44H Articulating Wheel Loader. With just 8,573 miles and 7,722 hours, this lightly-used loader is a must-have purchase.

Altec LP108If you’re looking for an exclusive item, keep an eye out for this Altec LP108 Underground Cable Puller. The impressive 16,000-pound underground cable puller is mounted on a GMC C7500 flatbed utility truck, loaded with specialty features and reliability.

2013 Ditch Witch JT1220This 2013 Ditch Witch JT1220 Mach 1 is full of opportunities. With only 943 hours, this directional boring machine is ready to be put to use. This machinery is ready to tackle all of your underground utility needs.

2004 Grove TMS760ELooking for a quality used crane? This 2004 Grove TMS760E/TMS700E Hydraulic Crane is a game changer for the lights and signs, electric utility, and construction industries. With only 30,636 miles it is expected to go fast on the auction grounds.

2011 Kubota U35S2 Mini ExcavatorInterested in purchasing a mini excavator this auction? With this 2011 Kubota U35S2 Mini Hydraulic Excavator, you’ll be in luck. This leading unit is desirable with its rubber tracks, backfill blade and only 2,909 hours of use.

This is just a short list of all the items that will be up for bidding at this Saturday’s auction. If you haven’t registered, do so on our website to make auction day go seamlessly! You don’t want to miss this.

The Top 5 Items in our July 13th Lansing, MI Auction

Check out these five stand-out items selling in our live auction near Lansing, Michigan on July 13. Regardless of price, every item will be sold to the highest bidder on auction day!

2013 Chevrolet K1500 An all-around classic, this 2013 Chevrolet K1500 is the ideal every-day vehicle. This lightly-used, four-wheel drive pickup truck is a hot item that will be purchased quickly.

Kobleco 135SR Crawler ExcavatorThis Kobelco 135SR Crawler Excavator will be one of the most popular items at our Charlotte auction. This piece of heavy construction equipment can be used in many ways ranging from digging foundations to demolition. Its good condition and many uses makes this one of our most desirable and valuable pieces of machinery.

2013 Vermeer BC1000 Chipper Looking for a gently-used chipper to fit all of your needs in the forestry industry? Be the one to take home this 2013 Vermeer BC1000 chipper with only 371 hours of use!

2014 Dodge Caravan Make sure you check out this spacious Dodge Caravan that is indisputably a great investment. The multifaceted 2014 cargo van has a shockingly low mileage of 63,006 miles.

Altec AM55-MH 60 ft Bucket Truck This Altec AM55-MH, 60 ft, over-center material handling bucket truck is a well-maintained, long-lasting piece of utility equipment!

From the variety of vehicles and equipment offered, we hope it is clear that you just can’t pass up on this auction. Click here to get a sneak peek at what’s to come at this Saturday’s sale site.

The Top 5 Items in our June 29th Philadelphia, PA Auction

Check out these five stand-out items selling in our live auction in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania on June 29. Regardless of price, every item will be sold to the highest bidder on auction day!

2010 Honda Civic This 2010 Honda Civic is a 4-door sedan with a remarkably low mileage of only 26,064! This car is considered lightly used and is sure to fulfill a variety of travel needs.

Altec AC35-127SThis Altec AC35-127S 35-ton hydraulic crane is mounted on a 2007 International Paystar 5600i flatbed truck. With only 24,321 miles, this item is sure to be a hot commodity in this auction.

2014 Kubota Mini Tractor Loader BachkoeThis 2014 Kubota BX25DLB 4×4 Mini Tractor Loader Backhoe only has 98 hours of operation. It is in great condition and can get the job done!

2005 Harley-Davidson FLHPIThis 2005 Harley-Davidson FLHPI motorcycle is one of the most special options available this weekend. With a shockingly low mileage of 20,229, you will want to grab this ride-or-die find while it lasts!

2011 Chevrolet C3500HDThis is a 2011 Chevrolet C3500HD service truck. It is a well-maintained, lightly-used vehicle with only 49,839 miles.

This is only a glimpse of the hundreds of great items for sale in the upcoming auction. You don’t want to miss this! Click here to take a look at other options you’ll see available on June 29.

The Top 5 Items in our June 22nd West Palm Beach, FL Auction

Check out these five stand out items selling in our live auction near West Palm Beach, FL on June 22nd. Regardless of price, every item will be sold to the highest bidder on auction day!

2015 John Deere 650K LGP Crawler TractorThis 2015 John Deere 650K LGP Crawler Tractor is in great condition with only 2,905 hours of use. This piece of construction equipment, more commonly referred to as a bulldozer, is used to push large quantities of soil, sand, rubble or other such material during construction or conversion work. Bulldozers are often used in road building, construction, mining, forestry, land clearing, and infrastructure development.

2012 Ford F250This well-maintained former Duke Energy 2012 Ford F250 pickup truck is in fantastic condition with only 28,181 miles! This particular year and model has an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 stars on Cars.com. Whether for work or personal travel, this truck will be a reliable source of transportation for many years.

2014 Ford Transit Connect Cargo VanThis 2014 Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van with 24,478 miles is a compact panel van built on a dedicated commercial vehicle platform. This vehicle is ideal for anyone working in tight spaces or urban areas.

2000 Ford/COAM MH RV Motor HomeThis 2000 Ford/COAM, MH RV Motor Home has 24,392 miles and includes a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. This RV is perfect for any vacationing family or cross-country traveler.

Altec AC38-127S-EJ Hydraulic CraneThis Altec Hydraulic Crane (model AC38-127S-EJ) is built on a 2013 Peterbilt 365 8×6 Tridem Axle and has only 17,542 miles. With a five-section hydraulic boom, this crane enables the operator to reach objects from a greater distance. Featuring a heel winch, man basket, hook block, headache ball and a remote riding console this piece of heavy equipment is conducive to construction sites.

5 Reasons Why Buying A Used Bucket Truck Makes Sense

Many businesses require the use of a bucket truck, but when it comes to the decision of whether to buy new or used bucket trucks, you need to evaluate several points. Let’s review some key considerations when considering buying a new bucket truck versus a used bucket truck.

Considerations: Buy New or Buy a Used Bucket Truck?

Sometimes, buying a new piece of equipment is the right decision, but depending on the frequency of use, availability of good used equipment and ability to find parts, a used equipment may be the right decision.

When you buy new equipment, it comes backed with the manufacturer’s warranty. That assurance can be nice to have, in the event something needs repair. Considering the fact that you are buying an expensive item, you may want that assurance. Just remember, it comes at a much higher cost.

Most owners assume that new equipment reduces the need (frequency) of equipment repair.  However, a majority of all problems in new equipment are recognized within the first few months and at low mileage. A good used equipment item has already had the initial glitches worked out of it and if it has been maintained well, it can be in excellent working condition!  That used item offers you the chance to get a piece of equipment that will work and make your company money, at a reduced cost versus new equipment.

Many governing agencies and the equipment manufacturer instruct the owner on the frequency and nature of inspections as well as levels of maintenance required to own and operate the equipment. When a fleet follows those guidelines and then sells the equipment, a new owner can take advantage of knowing that the equipment was well maintained and may be ready to go right back to work for them.

Cost Savings is the key consideration when buying a used bucket truck. You can often buy one that is 7-10 years old at a cost of 50% or less compared to a new bucket truck. If you would like to have a warranty, then consider buying from a used bucket truck dealer. You can find good used items which may (like a new one) be sold with a warranty.

As the economy improves, demand for new equipment rises and availability declines.  You may have to wait over a year to receive a new bucket truck, if you order from the manufacturer. Consider your needs and the amount you want to invest in the equipment, and decide if a new bucket truck, a used bucket truck, or even a rental would be best for you. You have lots of options.

The Bottom Line

If saving money is a key goal – buy a used bucket truck or rent a unit.  If you want to consider buying a used unit, our auction process is open and transparent and our consignors offer units for sale every week, across the nation.  Let us help you get the most out of the auction on sale day – download our Buyer’s Guide for tips and answers to commonly asked questions. Have other questions? Contact us; we are glad to help.

5 Tips On Bidding At A Construction Equipment Auction

Bidding at a construction equipment auction is usually done with a simple gesture – a nod, or wave of the hand or catalog.  When an auctioneer sees a person nodding or waving to a friend, their gesture could be interpreted as a bid. Personal expressions like those can result in mistakes, especially at public auction sales. Before you head out to the auction, consider some of the following things about the bidding process:

How to Bid at the Used Construction Equipment Auction

  • Eye Contact- Keeping eye contact with the auctioneer will establish your identity with them. It is important that wherever a person is standing, whether in the front or far in the back, to catch the attention of the auctioneer so when the time comes to actually place your bid on a particular item, the auctioneer is aware of you and your desire to bid, and that the auctioneer is able to easily acknowledge your bid.
  • Stay Connected – Once the event begins, and identity has been established with the bidder and the auctioneer or ringman (ringmen help the auctioneer accept bids from people the auctioneer cannot not see), it is important to maintain that connection. This way communication can continue by using a hand gesture or the raising of a bidding catalog; the auctioneer will return to bidder who have engaged with him, as bids increases. All that needs to be done is use that same gesture to place your bids.
  • Bidding Timing – It is not always known when to enter a bid because placing an offer too late or too early can narrow the chances of winning. The best time to make an initial offer is about midway through used heavy construction equipment auction which allows adequate time to follow the process while deciding whether to quit or continue to pursue an item. In a situation where you have any doubt about purchasing a unit, it is best not to participate from the beginning, especially if a large number of participants are interested in that same item.
  • Quitting Timing – Often participants feel pressure to continue bidding when an auctioneer keeps coming back to them and yet have reached a maximum budget. The best way to handle this is with a negative head shake and signal to the auctioneer of no longer wanting to participate and dropping out of bidding on that particular item.  When you reach your maximum bid about- stop bidding.
  • Be Sharp – In almost every case, a quick decision must be made in this unique type of sales venue. Bidding moves at a very rapid pace and spontaneous decisions must be made. Knowing ahead of time the degree of interest in a particular item as well as the budget for such a purchase will tend to make a spontaneous bidding decision much more accurate. It is certain that the auctioneer is not going to stop the bidding process for an individual participant to make up their mind.

Considering these tips about the auction bidding process can help you have a fun and productive day at the auction. Keys to remember – be prepared and be sharp!

Want to Learn More About Bidding At Auctions?

Download our Buyer’s Guide for tips and suggestions, as well as answers to commonly asked questions. Feel free to contact us and we will help answer your questions. Bidding and buying the items in at J.J. Kane auctions is easy, and our auction process is open and transparent.  Let us help you get the most out of the auction on sale day.

A Used Bucket Truck Can Get the Job Done

When performing any types of aerial jobs such as trimming trees or painting building exteriors, the average worker must rely upon ladders or even ropes. Although the job could get done using this approach, it would certainly be very risky especially for falling. Thanks to the advent of equipment auctions, there is a much safer and faster way to get the project done – the used bucket truck.

Used Bucket Truck – Common Types

A bucket truck is a heavy-duty vehicle with a truck-based aerial lift designed to carry workers to heights ranging from 30 to 100 plus feet, depending on the equipment’s working height and capacity. The bucket truck is powered by either a gas or diesel engine, usually determined by the temperature where the vehicle will be primarily operated. Gas engines are normally used in colder climates because this type of fuel does not readily freeze.

The boom pedestal is usually situated either behind the cab or at the far end of the truck bed. These steel arms are mounted on a turret so the entire assembly can perform a 360 degree rotation which allows for easier positioning. The turret and boom are held together by joints to allow vertical movement and can be used to adjust the height as well as the angle of the arm. At the end of the boom is the bucket, which is a plastic container with a flat bottom and siding about waist high. It is designed to hold workers and prevent them from falling while working. Some of the boom truck arm variations include:

  • Telescopic – The telescopic style bucket truck is the earliest and simplest design; its concept is to change length by sliding several sections in or out in a manner similar to a telescope. This design poses certain movement limitations because the point of horizontal movement is only at one joint near the turret, leaving a very limited range of motion.
  • Articulated – The articulated design is much more common on newer lifts. The unique feature of this style is that the boom is usually divided into three foldable sections with each end connected by an articulated joint which gives an operator more control in positioning the equipment.

Optional Features

A used bucket truck can do many different kinds of tasks and there are many configurations available. Each manufacturer creates a design for certain applications. Following are some optional features available on these vehicles, whether purchased directly from a dealer or through an auction house featuring this kind of equipment.

  • Material Handler – A material handler bucket truck has a feature allowing workers to lift materials up to the work area. A small jib is located beside the bucket and behind that is a powerful winch that is used to hoist loads from the ground such as tools and equipment. This feature is common on bucket trucks used by electric utility companies as well as in the construction industry.
  • Insulation – Another optional feature is insulation which can help prevent the transmission of electric current should the boom touch a live wire; this can help protect a worker from electrocution, in conjunction with proper work and safety procedures. Insulation is required on trucks used by electricians and for trimming trees.
  • Cab Guard – The cab guard is heavy-duty metal mesh that protects the cab roof and is most common on trucks used by arborists and foresters. The guard will protect the cab in case tree limbs or branches drop onto the vehicle, thus protecting any cab occupants.
  • Double Bucket – A double bucket refers to a bucket that is designed to accommodate two workers at a time; a standard bucket is only designed for a single person. The double bucket is particularly useful for applications such as sign installation where two workers are needed at the same time to complete a task.

Used Bucket Truck Buying Considerations

When buying a bucket truck, whether purchased from a dealer or from an auction company, two important factors must be considered: working height and capacity. A boom cannot be too long or too short to handle the job; it must also have the correct weight capacity to lift a worker and necessary equipment into place. Additional features that may come in handy for a job should be considered as well.

A used bucket truck can make any aerial job fast and easy as well as a whole lot safer. Hopefully this article has provided some helpful information regarding this vehicle and its many variations and additional features! Download our Buyer’s Guide for tips and answers to frequently asked questions.

Absentee Bidding – A Key Tool To Grab A Deal At The Auction

A live auction is the place where you can get great deals on many kinds of equipment, such as used bucket trucks, backhoes, skid steers, pickup trucks and more. In order to participate in a conventional, live auction, a bidder must be present at the exact place, date and time set forth by the auctioneer and bid live during the event. In our ever-demanding world, there are many circumstances when a buyer cannot attend a live, physical auction event. When that happens, there are some other ways to address the issue of needing to be in two places at the same time. Absentee bidding, telephone bidding, and online bidding are three possible solutions.

You Want to Buy Something, But Cannot Be At The Auction Location, In Person

  • Absentee Bidding – In cases when an interested party cannot be physically present at the event and a phone call is not possible either, an absentee bid may be used as an alternative. Using this option, a participant indicates the highest amount willing to be paid for bucket trucks on a form provided to them by the auction company; this allows the auctioneer to act as their proxy and execute the bid. People bidding at an auction can easily decide to add a few dollars on top of that absentee bid to win the right to purchase the equipment.  One scenario where an absentee bid really makes sense is when there are some items that you’d like to have, but you just cannot stick around the auction all day waiting for the items to sell.  In that case, leaving absentee bids with the auctioneer is a great way to place your bids and perhaps get a deal. Sometimes, the items being sold last (at a live auction) end up being great buys, great deals! Let absentee bidding help you grab a deal on something you need to buy.
  • Telephone Bidding – By choosing this option, a participant can bid in the live auction event without having to be physically present. A bidder may arrange to participate with a telephone bid, ahead of time. In most cases, there is no definite time that the call must be placed since the exact time to bid and length of time it takes for bucket trucks to be auctioned varies. A call may be made anywhere from an hour to just minutes before the auction begins to notify a participant that the event is beginning. So on the day of the event, a participant should be ready to take such a call at any time.  Bidding by phone is almost as good as being present at the auction. Compared to other absentee options, a purchaser has direct control over the increments of the bid and can choose to stop bidding once the amount exceeds a certain maximum amount. Another advantage is that the results are known as soon as bidding ceases.
  • Live, Online Bidding via Internet – Many auction companies offer bidders the ability to bid live, online, while the auction event is going on. This service usually requires a bidder to sign up some time before the auction begins. Once registered, bidders can listen to the auction online and place bids from a remote location. With all the demands on our time, internet bidding is a very convenient feature, helping bidders who cannot attend in person connect with the items they need to buy.

Nothing Beats a Live Auction For the Potential to Grab a Deal

When attending a live auction on sale day is not possible, the options listed above are good ways to still be able to participate in the auction and buy the equipment you need. It is important to choose wisely; these options have advantages and disadvantages over the other. Bidding online or by phone keeps the bidder in the driver seat and allows you that chance to change your mind and increase your bid. Absentee bidding is static. Once you tell the auctioneer your maximum bid, the clerk simply bids for you and if bids exceed your maximum, you are out.

You have options, and purchasing a used bucket truck, backhoe, service truck or other items at public auction is a good way to save money and grab a deal. Our auction process is open and transparent.  Let us help you get the most out of the auction on sale day. Download our Buyer’s Guide for tips and answers to frequently asked questions. Have more questions? Contact us; we are glad to help you, and good luck at the auction!

Benefits of Using Hybrid Bucket Trucks

In today’s world, many types of vehicles and commercial equipment, like cars, trucks, SUVs and digger derricks and Bucket Trucks are being manufactured with hybrid vehicle technology, giving us hybrid bucket trucks! Massive engines are required to move the heavy chassis and are also used to drive a smaller hydraulic pump that powers on-board hydraulic equipment. Because of such a large power imbalance, manufacturers adopted hybrid technology for this equipment. New hybrid vehicles have a high initial cost for and it can be beneficial to attend an equipment auction to find used hybrid bucket trucks for sale.

Hybrid Bucket Trucks & Hybrid Technology

Hybrid technology found on heavy-duty equipment is much different from what is used on cars like the Toyota Prius. In cars, both the internal combustion engine and the electric motor alternately drive the transmission which in turn drives the wheels. The hybrid technology found on heavy-duty vehicles uses the same principle but with a much different arrangement.

A regular internal combustion engine still drives the transmission; however, the role of the electric motor is to drive the hydraulic pump whenever any hydraulic components such as the digger, boom and outriggers are being used. The main engine can also drive the hydraulic pump once the electric motor batteries are drained of power.

Advantages of Hybrid Vehicles

Below are some advantages of attending a vehicle and equipment auction and purchasing used hybrid bucket truck, with that technology:

  • Fuel Efficiency – The main benefit of using hybrid technology is a reduction in fuel consumption. During operation, the main engine must maintain a preset RPM in order to drive the hydraulic pump and keep the installed equipment operational. Because the engine is massive, it requires a great deal of fuel just to drive the smaller hydraulic pump.  That may not an efficient use of energy. With a hybrid-equipped vehicle, the electric motor takes over the role of the engine when the installed equipment is in operation, resulting in a significant reduction in fuel consumption.
  • Low Noise Emission – Noise from the engine is eliminated once the electric motor takes over during the equipments’ operation. Because electric motors barely produce any noise, the result is very quiet operation. Communication between workers is easier and safety at the work site is improved.
  • Reduced Engine Emissions – Burning fuel inside an internal combustion engine produces noxious gases, such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide. These gases are a major contributor to global warming; and when inhaled in large volumes, mental performance can be reduced. Since the engine does not need to run during installed equipment operation, engine emission is reduced.
  • Longer Engine Life – When the engine is running, there is friction between moving components such as bearings, pistons and cylinder walls, valves, etc., which will eventually cause wear on the parts; however, electric motors have fewer moving components which provides a longer lifespan. By reducing the workload on an internal combustion engine, the lifespan of the main engine, itself, can be extended.

Hybrid technology is a significant improvement in the design of vehicles and heavy equipment, including the digger truck, cranes and other construction equipment. Hybrid technology addresses many of the problems associated with the standard vehicles for sale, such as: high operational costs due to poor fuel efficiency; engine emissions; noise; and frequent maintenance.

Hybrid Bucket Trucks are the way of the future, and public auctions are a great way to buy the equipment you need. Auctions offer an opportunity to buy at actual market value, because bidders set the values. Download our Buyer’s Guides for tips and answers to commonly asked questions, and contact us, if we can assist.

Buying a Used Bucket Truck at Public Auction

Buying from used bucket truck auctions may seem somewhat bewildering at times because bucket truck models have been designed for dozens of unique needs and there are a wide variety of makes and models. Manufacturers have designed many configurations, offering you many choices to pick from. Now all you need to do is decide which design and specifications are best for your needs.

Things to Consider – Buying a Used Bucket Truck

In an effort to narrow down options and make an educated decision, consider some things buyers to focus on, when purchasing a used bucket truck (sometimes referred to as a cherry picker).

  • Engine – You have some choices; you can consider gasoline or diesel engines, and now even hybrid engines and compressed natural gas engines have entered the mix. The engine is a key factor because it determines the efficiency, operational costs, and temperature at which the vehicle can be used, as well as the overall cost of the vehicle. Now, more than ever, environmental and motor vehicle considerations affect equipment owners, so keep that in mind, too.  Diesel engines are initially more expensive than gasoline; however, they are also fuel-efficient, costing less to operate under most circumstances. It should be noted that when the equipment will be used in extremely cold climates a gasoline engine may be a better choice because gasoline is more resistant to freezing temperatures and operate across a wider range of environmental conditions.
  • Boom – There are two primary boom designs from which to choose: telescopic and articulated. The major difference between the two is that an articulated boom is more maneuverable because it has several articulating joints. This feature is advantageous when working around obstacles such as tree branches or overhead signs.  The telescopic boom “slides out” telescoping an inner boom outwards.  A combination articulating and telescopic boom offers the widest range of working positions.
  • Insulated vs. Non-Insulated – Choosing between an insulated and non-insulated bucket truck depends on how the equipment will be used. Basically, the insulated variety, with proper training and protocol, provides a measure of protection for the operator, in the event the equipment becomes energized. Unless the equipment will be exposed to electric lines, this feature may be unnecessary and could be an unnecessary expense.  Non-insulated booms are typically used in the telecommunications industry, working on phone and cable TV lines.
  • Material-Handling vs. Personnel Only – Material-handling bucket trucks are equipped with a short jib and a winch at the boom tip to allow operators to connect to and lift material from the ground, winching them up to the bucket to be installed on buildings, power poles, etc.  Material-handling bucket trucks allow additional lifting capacity at the bucket, to compensate for the weight of items being lifted.  A common use might be to use the jib and winch to lift a transformer and position it on a power pole.   Personnel units only have a bucket, with no jib or winch, and are intended to simply lift personnel up to the work area.  Material-handlers cost more, so if you don’t need that option and lifting capacity, go with a personnel unit.
  • Capacity – As an aerial work platform, bucket trucks (sometimes called cherry pickers) have a limited weight capacity. Overloading the platform could potentially damage the boom and cause the entire unit to tip over. When choosing the right capacity, consider whether the job can be carried out by one or two workers, since both single and two-person buckets can be purchased.  Also, knowing the weight of tools and materials required is important.  Many times workers will need a many pounds of capacity simply for the tools required to complete the aerial work. Consider the additional weight of the equipment needed on the platform and material-handling requirements, as well.
  • Working Height – One of the most important considerations is the working height of the platform, which determines the maximum height at which work can safely be conducted. Since height requirements vary from job to job, it is important that the bucket truck have an appropriate height.

Purchasing a used bucket truck from an equipment auction does not have to be confusing. Knowing what to focus on and which things to look for can help you make an informed decision. Download our Buyer’s Guide for helpful tips and answers to frequently asked questions. Have questions for us? Contact us and we will be glad to discuss your options.

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